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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by RMD68, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Verizon FiOS is coming to my apartment complex within the next few weeks, and I am going to switch. When I get the new service, I want to use an airport extreme router instead of the supplied Verizon router. The problem is the Verizon supplied router, unlike other routers, has both a coax and ethernet inputs. From what I have heard, Verizon makes it a little tricky to circumvent using the stock router and switch to a router such as an airport extreme.

    I ran some searches on the Verizon forums, and I received limited help. The help I received mainly regarded using the Verizon router as a bridge; however, I could not find any advice in terms of bypassing the router completely.

    Anyone here have/had this problem?

    If I did use the bridge method, will it downgrade my speed?

    Thanks in advance for any help I receive.
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    We have ours setup as a bridge with no noticeable wireless speed degradation; we only run one ethernet cable from the FIOS router to the AEBS, every other device is plugged into the GBe ports on the AEBS so we don't lose the GBe wired speed, either.

    See the link below, and search FIOS ethernet for more hits.

    Pre-install, you have to request that Verizon runs an ethernet wire out of the FIOS terminal so you can plug it straight into the AEBS. Plus, you need some device so your FIOS DVR still works, correctly. I was going to have Verizon come back out and run ethernet, but since it is working fine, I don't mind my AEBS on bridge.
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    I'm using AEBS with the FIOS router as well since I got the AEBS after FIOS. For my situation my basement is full of FIOS stuff like the battery, media converter, and power supply. From there, I had a clean cat5 line run to my office where I had the FIOS router.

    I recently switched this to put the FIOS router near the media converter (fiber to ethernet). The trick is, as I understand it, that the STBs get the guide information from the FIOS router over the coax connection. One box must be connected to the FIOS router via coax I've been told.

    So, I basically now have:
    Media converter -> FIOS router
    FIOS router to:
    - AEBS for wireless
    - ATV directly
    - Samsung TV directly

    My speeds are still 25/4.8 on my 20/5 line... (yes, 25 down on a 20 line -- no idea why).

    Hopefully that isn't too confusing.
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    Dsl reports has a comprehensive guide to all the configurations that are possible: (go to item 3.0).

    It is possible to bypass the Verizon router for internet and still get guide data.

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