Fios and Time Dilemma

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by MacChris, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Hello there and hoping someone can answer question for me. We just installed Verizon Fios service ad it is working good. They replaced my working wonderfully Time Capsule withe their router which has the required coax feed input. I want to continue to use the time capsule as my main router since I am very familiar with their operations or simply as a hard drive for back ups worst case. How would I go about doing this? I gave it a half hearted effort last night and can not even see time capsule when connected to the router LAN port. Any help would be appreciated and thank you much.
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    You need to set the Time Capsule in Bridge mode.
  3. Brian33 macrumors 6502a

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    miles01110 is right. I also migrated to FIOS service; previously I had my Time Capsule (TC) as my router with DSL service.

    Now the Actiontec router from Verizon is my main router and DHCP server. It has its wireless capability turned off. My TC is in bridge mode also is set to "Create a wireless network" so it controls the wireless network as I was used to.

    The combination works well; you just have to remember to go to the main Actiontec FIOS router for DHCP issues and for port forwarding issues. Let me know if you need any more info, as it sounds like you want a setup like mine.

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