Fire 1.5.6 and built in webcam


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Sep 23, 2007
A little more info might be nice.

Did you download it? Have you installed it? What problems are you having?


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May 25, 2005
I downloaded it and installed it, nothing wrong with bringing it up. I just can not find the option for me to bring up or show my webcam. It is built in MacBook. I use msn but thanks to them I can not use my cam.


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Sep 13, 2006
Do they have any possible updates for this?

From the FAQ:
Many of the instant messaging applications in the marketplace are beginning to support Audio and Video chat. At this point in time, Fire does not support this type of chat mechanism.
Also worth noting, from the home page:
We are saddened to announce that there will be no future versions of Fire. There are several reasons for this end, but the most notable is the loss of developers. Fire's development had dwindled to few developers who do not wish to continue the project alone. In addition, another major contributing factor is the fact that all but one of Fire's IM libraries is no longer in active development.
Hope that helps.