firefox 3 addons: Ubiquity, how smart can it get?


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Aug 6, 2006
this is a new concept from Mozilla Lab, headed by Aza Raskin, who famously made several ideas about firefox mobile and "future browser" etc

Install here (mac users need to install growl first )

what does it do?

It creates a UI floating on firefox that interacts with the commands and content you type in. After installing of the addon, ctrl+space (cmd+space on mac).

PS. its a concept for firefox's urlbar, but currently is kept in a separate UI for the developing. May or may not replace urlbar eventually.

examples: (type any general term will have google search results shown)

1. cmd+space will promote this UI

2. wiki something

3. weather some place

4. map somewhere

other commands including:

calculation, calendar, define, digg, ebay search, flickr, zoom etc



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Mar 2, 2005
Been playing around with Ubiquity for an hour or so, and it certainly seems to have potential. I'm not normally a FireFox user, but that might change.


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Jun 14, 2008
Now only if they would support mobileme instead of just gmail. Then I would really be happy. To bad nothing like this exists for mac. This really is the second best firefox extension (adblock first).

(And please don't mention quicksilver... It's easier to just do everything by hand than use that thing.. It's not like ubiquity as people say, you cannot type something like: email with subject something or other about body contents here...)