Firefox 4 should I uninstall

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by knew2mack, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Good morning friends,

    I recently installed Firefox 4 and since, I have been having all sorts of issues. Stalling when I type, crashing, it has even stopped the functionality of the trackpad ie the 2 finger open/close make things larger/smaller and several other issues.

    I went to the Firefox 4 release notes and it suggests starting my Mac in safe mode. Not knowing what that meant, I looked it up and it gives me

    cd /Applications/
    ./firefox-bin -safe-mode

    All of which I do not understand either. Do you recommend this or does anyone out there have any other suggestions (LAY[WO]MAN'S TERMS) please.

    Before anyone tells me to type in my browser "starting up mac in safe mode"....I went that way as well and again, don't have a clue as to what they're saying/meaning.

    Would it be better, since I am such a 'green thumb' 'newbie' 'not a computer whiz' you suggest just UNinstalling Firefox 4 and just wait till some of the bugs get worked out??? If I do this, will it just go back to Firefox 3 and I can use that??

    The reason it is so important to have/use firefox is my new job. They need me to have the plug in 'citrix' and for whatever reason, when I have to sign on for reporting and/or communicating with others in the company, I'm having to go about it in such a way that it takes me to a 'windows platform???' Reason for the question marks is I'm not quite sure I'm using the correct terminology.

    Before you ask, I do not have 'boot camp' or 'parallels' installed, allowing me to run Windows at the same time....

    ok--should I uninstall Firefox 4 or do the 'safe mode' route?? If so, could someone please help me through it??

    thanks so much and I hope everyone has a great day!!
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    Is it only with Firefox that you're seeing problems?

    Starting FF in safe mode disables any third party plugins, and since you want to use the Citrix plugin you can't do that.

    The Citrix plugin isn't Firefox only. It should work with Safari too. If you're able to use the Mac App Store, I suggest contacting your IT and seeing if you can use the Citrix Receiver app rather than the browser plugin -
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    You need one more add-on to make FF stable. Get flashblock. It prevents several dozen flash processes from running for every tab you have open. You see a lot of web developers put flash on a dozen or more spots on every page. FF puts these flash process each in their own sandbox which makes the browser grow out of control and consume memory. Flashblock is the answer. Simply click on flash content to view it. Don't click on it and it won't eat your cpu and memory. It's all the benefits of FF safe mode but your other add ons and plugins still work.

    BTW, don't even think about uninstalling FF. I doubt that will help in any measurable way. Another option is to try Google Chrome which is well written and fast, but keep in mind you are using a browser written by an advertising company which means privacy is not their first priority and Chrome is the only leading browser to not offer a "do not track" feature.

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