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Nov 5, 2003
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Hello, I recently have been noticing alot of slowdown and my ibook, and have started another thread about buying new ram. I was tipped on using firefox, and am trying it out at the moment, but I have some questions that maybe can be answered here. I use SideTrack for vertical scrolling, and I have noticed that it isnt as smooth as safari. Is there any way to fix this? Also, i am used to pushing the delete/backspace button to go back a page, but in firefox its different, apple key/ left arrow. is there anyway to change it so its the same as safari. ALSO (EDIT) i noticed that the scolling with the arrow keys is very small amount and would like it to be a greater scroll, any way to fix?
I changed because i noticed alot of slowdown when using gmail and ebay, and when i use firefox, it is much better, I would like to use firefox for everything else, but the vertical jagged scrolling is really annoying, any suggestions? :)
thx in advanced to all that reply :)
i posted this elsewhere but here might get a better response


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Jul 10, 2003
you can download an extension for FF that will allow you to customize the keyboard shortcuts so that you can assign "delete" to go back a page like in safari. (can't recall the name of it right now, but you can check on the mozilla firefox site)

as far as scrolling goes, what build are you using? newer nightly builds have slower/choppier scrolling in my experience.

you might also think about using camino, which isn't as customizable as FF, but i like it better.

lastly, there are g4 optimized versions of both FF and camino, which run noticeably faster...check the mozilla site for these.
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