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    Aug 3, 2011
    I have seen reports that FF OS will be coming to the US this year. The only thing I believe that is available now is . This phone specs are amazingly low. Do you guys think it will come with nicer hardware once it is released in the States (maybe 300-400 dollar range)? Also does anybody have an experience using FFOS? I am looking to switch away from IOS later this year or early next year. I don't want to rule any OS out.
  2. Alfuh macrumors regular

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    If I remember previous stories about FFOS it is to be largely HTML5 based and is designed for the low end market.

    It might hit the US this year, but I doubt that any manufacturer will put serious hardware into something destined for FFOS. I see this as an alternative to low end android devices priced $1-200 for devices used on pre-paid plans ... that sorta market.

    If you are looking to get off iOS and use a flagship or something close then your options are Android or Windows ... I guess you could reach and see how Sailfish OS or Ubuntu are coming along.
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    Yeah. I was kinda hoping that it would pick up a little bit and get better hardware behind. I would love to see Ubuntu ship on mobile devices in the US seeing as how I do a lot of my desktop computing with Ubuntu. There was no concrete time table on that last I checked though.
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    It's going to be really hard for them to break the US market. Low end Android is better than the tech space makes it out to be. So is Windows Phone.

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