Firewire, USB, and a PC

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nbs2, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Toshiba is doing what PC makers do best - blame someone else. MY fiance recently sold her mini and replaced it with a 4G. Both were brand new. Here is the problem.

    With the mini, she never had any problems connecting to her laptop via the USB port. Now, her 4G won't mount when I connect through USB, but will if I use the firewire port. The only reason we know this is because I have the 6-4 adaptor that came with my 3G. Anyway, Applecare told us to go to the Apple Store. Store said that sinec it worked via firewire, they couldn't replace it. That no big deal. She doesn't mind using the firewire. But, as for updating drivers or whatever may help, Toshiba says that it's Apple's fault.

    Anybody find this or a similar problem in other computers? If so, is there some sort of fix, I think it would be nice to not have to worry that something else will do this as well.

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