Fireworks Photography with iphone!

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    Jun 25, 2012
    First the simple way:

    you can do it with the inbuilt camera app.

    1) try to stabilze your phone by setting it down on a table or hold it in your hands and lean the hands against a window or a door. (otherwise you get motion blurring)
    2) make sure you focused on the distance, choose your view hand hold the shutter symbol pressed, release it when you want to take the picture (less motion artifacts.

    Second way:
    use the new feature of iLightningcam 5.5 (an App that can take pictures of real lightning strikes)

    The Assistant guides you to the perfect image!
    go to the options menu and choose fireworks mode!
    choose exclude the low fourth of the scrren and then drag the eclusion rectangle with your finger at least to the middle height of the screen, otherwise the rocket trail will trigger the camera too early.

    When triggered, the app takes then three shots of the scene, until it gets ready again.

    here is a demo video:


    :)It triggers automatically. (use a car windshield holder and party in the meantime:):):):):))

    :)Therefore no vibration of the iPhone from touching the trigger (no blurring)

    :)True iso-control (we recommend the night mode, choose the left small strike in the assistants menu for best results)

    :)It takes three pictures when it is activated with half a second interval

    :)lower iso means better pictures with less noise

    Detailed instructions are here

    the main page is here

    Please try this before the fireworks at least once in the dark!

    Visit our facebookpage

    only $1.99!
    available at:

    ALL lightning images below are made with this app and an iPhone 4S!

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    Jun 25, 2012

    for best results use a car windscreen holder, if available
    take care, not to loose your iPhone due to gravity ;-)
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    Jun 25, 2012
    New recomandations:

    use day mode! nightmode mode (iso 250 -320) is too dark on iphones!

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