Firmware Skipping while jailbreaking

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    Nov 4, 2011
    Hello guys,

    I know this is my first post but i have a question :$. i wanted to know whether while jail breaking you can skip a few firmwares. To clarify what i mean is currently i am on 3.1.3 OS and i want to jailbreak to a IOS 5 jailbreak but do i need to update to 4.9 or whatever or can i jsut go straight from 3.1.3 to the jailbroken 5.0.

    Secondly the iphone i have bought was unlocked and always has been if i jailbreak it will that lock it to a certain service provider ?

    Thanks i hope i made my self clear enough
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    ok... let's try to make this as simple as I can.. (you didn't mentioned what iPhone you got, 3g, 3GS, 4???)

    Firmware Skipping.... YES absolutly you can go from 1.0 to 5.0 no issue.

    Now... Jailbreaking....

    Well...iOS5 is only a Tethered jailbreak, so you will have to run the jailbreaking app using a computer every time you reboot

    next Unlocking...

    here is where it gets complicated and we need more info, if you upgrade to iOS5 you will upgrade the Baseband and wont be able to unlock. now you can update to iOS5 creating a "custom" IPSW in order to keep your current baseband and be able to unlock using Ultrasn0w. You are in 3.1.3 so my guess is that the BB you got is unlockable...

    lastly got a software unlock, so whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM UPDATING USING ITUNES......
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    Nov 4, 2011

    Hey :D thanks for the reply well il make it more clear for you :$ i have a iphone 3GS white 16gb, i don't believe i have a software unlock as just today i went to my settings and restored to factory default and it is still unlocked :) would i create this custom firmware is it hard?

    Btw im on baseband 05.12.01

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