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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's first retail store in Taiwan will open on Saturday, July 1 at 11:00 a.m., according to Apple's Taiwanese website, which the company has been updating with new details on the store since it was announced.


To celebrate the store's opening, paper-cutting artist Yang Shih-yi will showcase a huge and intricate tree cutout designed to welcome people into the store and highlight a tree as a gathering place theme. The same design currently decorates the boarding protecting the store from sight as construction finishes.

Image via AppleDaily

Apple's Taiwan store is located on the ground floor of the Taipei 101 shopping mall in the Xinyi district, notable because Taipei 101 is the fourth tallest skyscraper in the world. The new store will use the updated design that was first introduced at Apple's flagship San Francisco location, with simple product displays, a repair area, gathering spots, and dedicated areas for "Today at Apple" classes.

Customers can begin signing up for Genius Bar repair appointments and Today at Apple classes starting today.

Apple has opened a total of 495 retail stores across 17 countries, including 270 in the United States since May of 2001. The Taiwan location will mark Apple's 496th retail location.

Article Link: First Apple Store in Taiwan to Open on July 1
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Apr 2, 2008
New York.
Not too far in the future is Brooklyn's second location at 300 Ashland Place. Apple is starting to hire for that location as of today.


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Jul 22, 2008
Congratulations Taiwanese on the opening of your store! One more reason for me to visit your beautiful country!


Sep 11, 2014
:eek:What's up with that Illuminati Alien Drop Bear/Koala thingy that's hugging one of the tree trunks? That's cool, it combines some of the best conspiracies!

I wonder if a paper cutting artist ends up getting a lot of paper cuts. :confused:

Okay, clearly the coffee and my cold and flu medicine are clashing this morning. :D

Anyway that looks awesome. I envy Taiwan getting such a colorful opening. When they reopened the newly remodeled Apple Store closest to my house they managed to make it even more devoid of color and personality than ever before. :(
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