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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by vert18, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Oct 4, 2010
    Well, I got my mid 10'mini server today.
    I also have a MacBook pro 3,1.
    As well as a apple tv(first version).
    I only have a downloaded iTunes library chock full of fairplay drm.
    My tv is 50" plasma pioneer kuro and I have an okyno receiver.

    I connected the mini up to the tv through the receiver at first, audio through a TOS cable with mini jack adapter. Well output through the receiver was choppy in fullscreen. Not sure why... As my apple tv does just fine through the receiver.....

    Anyways... I ended up using the receiver only for the TOS audio cable and hooking the mini to the TV directly..... Full screen no problem then.. (what gives....)

    Anyways, I set up the mini as my iTunes server on a networked synology raid setup. Removed the hdmi and tos cable... So now the mini is headless, keyboardless and mouseless. But, I have screen sharing setup on the mini and use either my MacBook pro or hippo remote to work on it.

    So, well, umm, I am now watching my iTunes content through my apple tv which runs off of my mini(streaming from) which pulls the movies from my NAS. Whew...

    So not sure how to get the mini working better through the receiver. Studdering sucks....(video only...) sound is just fine. Front row SUXs.
    Nothing else will work for drm crap that I know of, guess I'll just keep streaming from the apple tv from the mini....

    If I keep with drm protected stuff from apple iTunes store I might get a new apple tv for the second tv and sync from the mini as well.

    Guess I'll figure out handbreak and mkv soon as well. But just add my diverted DVDs to my iTunes lib.... Least they will be drm free.
  2. vert18, Nov 5, 2010
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    Oct 4, 2010
    Fixed it...

    Well, sorry for crying wolf... LOL

    But I rehooked up the mini to the receiver through the hdmi cable and no video stutter what so ever now. Working perfectly....

    Maybe I didn't plug the hdmi cable in all the way the first time...(shrug)

    Ok, so now time to tweak the display...
    Keep on loosing the top half of the bar of mac os x displaying on the tv having it set for output of 1080p. So I set the tv to pc signal through the hdmi from the receiver and set the mini to 1600 x 900. Now, I don't lose the top part of mac os X and then playing a sd tv show was upscaled to 1080p according to my tv info. It looked great!!

    *Just to note the display isn't really at 1200 x 900 even tho the display settings show it at this(on mac mini). The TV is reporting 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz and video quality is outstanding.

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