first generation 12 volt analog vhs camcorders

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Please move this as needed. Can someone here provide me with a list of makers or name brands of ANALOG VHS camcorders? Specificly I am looking for only those camcorders that use the first generation 12 volt 1500AH battery first used by RCA. The RCA part number is CB120 among others under the RCA brand. There were any number of brands that used the same design. Among them MINOLTA, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI, which probably made them all and other names. I need a complete list so I can try to find a working camera to replace mine that is on its way out.All help welcome. Finding these units in second hand stores is hit or miss at best. Thanks. It was suggested that I expand this post. I like analog camcorders because I am old school and their inherit simplicity. It is nice to here the noises as confirmation it is working as well as the led indicators. Plus keeping track of record time is easy. You can look at the tape and judge how much time was used and left. I really need this list so I can find another camera that uses the same battery. I know there are more names that I already know. Any help any members can provide is welcome.
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    Just out of curiosity, why do you still want to use a VHS camcorder? A special project or something?

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