First Gig: 18th Birthday Debut

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Sil3ntP8nd8, May 22, 2009.

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    C&C is very much welcomed.

    This was last last minute as the photographer had to leave and I had to take over. It was all short notice. My battery died on my flash so I had to use the one thats built in the camera. It was a filipino birthday so it was a once and a life time event. I had to take video as well and photograph them.

    Sometimes the settings in A mode were too long so I had to shoot in auto for a few shots. Next time I'll be better prepared as I know what to expect. I was told it was a birthday party, but not a huge birthday with 400ish people :O

    More in flickr

    Images were scaled down so there is some quality loss. It may seem a bit soft but I can always sharpen them a tad bit in photoshop.







    Thank you!!!
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    Very nice control of onboard flash

    Considering the circumstances, you did well. It's very hard to control the onboard flash, but you did a nice job of exposing to keep the background bright enough (especially on the first and last images); often the flash will blow out the foreground faces or keep the background too dark. Striking the balance you did is hard.

    Looks like you captured some very nice faces and moments, which is really your role as a casual party photographer.

    However, I think the biggest mistake you made was not having a spare set of batteries for your external flash!

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