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Discussion in 'iMac' started by xxjrsmith3xx, Apr 8, 2016.

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    Oct 26, 2014
    Hey guys I just got my first iMac I was able to grab the 5k late 2015 with the 2TB HDD and M395. So this is all new to me. Where can i read up on all the tips and tricks of 10.11.x Ive been a windows user since 2002 so this is a new world for me i want to learn everything about this! Also feel free any programs that are great to have with the iMac and such. Thanks again!
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    Hi there @xxjrsmith3xx!
    That sounds like a great Mac you have there : )

    Here are a few excellent Mac applications you might want to check out:
    • Things
    • Tweetbot
    • Soulver
    • Pixelmator

    As for getting used to (Mac) OS X, this could be a good place to start:
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    Great computer, I have that same model - congrats on your new baby :)
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    Grettings, xxjrsmith3xx From the viewpoint of a much older user, with an old IMac I simply say enjoy the ride. You are on a fascinating learning journey. Trust your Mac - I have never been landed in a horrible tangle that I could not solve on mine and the amount of friendly help available is amazing.

    I had no such experience with Windows PCs and never managed to make direct contact with a living human being for help. Not so with Apple. I downloaded ElCapitan and found it was not quite right. I was nervous about uninstalling and re-downloading. I need not have been, it went in pefrfectly, as did the update to 10.11.4 Only rcently discovered that there is an instruction manual buil into mine. But then, our family motto is or should be 'When possihle, do it the hard way'. If you do that with your Mac I will bet that a week later you will find there is a perfectly simply operation to do the same thing built in.

    Make friends with little System Preferences - lots of tweaks and adjustments. To prune unwnted cookies and caches, it is Safari - Safari Preferences - Privacy. For the really clever stuff - watch this space. This is some 'gang 'you are joining!
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    I think as a free tool for certain maintenance procedures (to be used very occasionally), Onyx is indispensable. So definitely check that out.
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    Apr 7, 2016
    I should say that when using Safari - Preferences - Privacy to edit caches and cookies it is necessay to wait a mninute or two for the full list and Edit facility to appear.
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    May 6, 2011
    When I purchased my first iMac back in 2011 I bought a book on the current version of OS X, it actually helped a lot.
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    Oct 26, 2014
    What do you mean by this?
  9. Loch.Tulla, Apr 10, 2016
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    Apr 7, 2016

    Hi again. Briefly and as I undertand it which may or may not be fully; caches are little sacks of info. about you and your net activities which may or may not be helful. Or maybe in some cases only to those who place it on your Mac. Too many caches can clog up the works, so the books say.

    What I do is go through and delete any I do not want or recognise. For example I might pick up a facebook cookie. Well; facebook and I are totally srangers and long may it be so. But their cookie can stilll crop up, Out it goes

    OK. Click on Safari. two lines down you should see Preferences. click on. Go to and click on Privacy. You may need to wait a while until a line stating that you have say 55 cookies appears. Follow the EDIT and delte process. Only press Delete on those which highlight when you select them and you do WANT to be rid off.

    Please come back to me if any snags. Prepare to be surprised by the number of cookies you do not recognise first time Lot of sneaky people out there. But some of those may be genuinely worth keeping.

    Brownie point to me , I hope, for not saying "Simply... as instruction leaflets too often do.

    Now a recommendation if I may. I recently wrote a very warm review on Amazon.UK for

    OSX ElCapitan How to solve 50 of the of the biggest problems in 10 minutes by Harry Jones.

    Of course, some of the ideas will have been overtaken by Apple updating. But since I got it for only £2 using Amazon's Kindle downloading app for Apple Mac I think even ONE usable suggestion would be worth the price, in terms of time I will save trying to solve it 'cold'.

    Cannot be sure if that Amazon app. is limited to Prime subscribers. - it just popped up when I was buying a book on line the old fashioned way! . Best wishes.


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