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Aug 15, 2017
The iPhone 11 in purple is the first iPhone I have been happy with in a long time, I have had such bad experiences when buying iPhones, always scratches and imperfections out of the box but this one is absolutely perfect. Not a mark on it and I have put on a glass screen protector and case to keep it new for longer.

I only got my new phone this week and it’s just beautiful, Im so happy!

I’m wondering have apple stepped up there quality control?


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Sep 30, 2019
Ive never had any messed up ones. You should always return it if you are unhappy with it. Thats what the 14 days are for. Make sure you keep the receipt!

Glad you are enjoying it!


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Sep 21, 2017
Bought the iPhones 4, 4S, <insert Android period here >, 8, XS and 11 and never had an issue. Same goes for the Macs I have been purchasing over the past 15 years.
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