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    I have used android on Sprint forever n was use to the big screen phones and I have had a 64gb iPhone activated since around noon and here are some observations considering i have lots of Apple products at home but personally my first iPhone cause i never wanted to leave Sprint

    The Good:
    1. Apple is phenomenal in every aspect from design, technology, form, quality, and every other aspect in that regard.
    2. Ease of Use
    3. Call Clarity (considering it is a phone and this is the number 1 thing most manufactures suck at) AMAZING SPEAKERS
    4. Smooth transitions within screens and apps
    5. App Store
    6. Contact pics show up super nice and big (never understood the point of the option if they look all small and pixelated)
    7. Plethora of accessories
    8. GPS (location) is always SPOT ON and works flawless (unlike most android phones, their manufactures cant get this right).
    9. Camera Quality is crisp and superb
    10. Siri

    Im sure there are tons of things I am missing on the Good End, I will update as I think of more

    The Bad/ Questions I need answered:

    1. I can see why at times people say Apple is a locked Ecosystem that doesn't allow anyone in, I love Apple, but on Android there is room for other apps to replace stock ones, SMS being a BIG ONE! The stock apple app kind of sucks, it is HORRIBLE that this phone is 5 generations in and still cannot send group text separately to each person but rather sends one message to all the parties bunched on one text. This means the reply comes without the original text I sent.

    2. This also applies to MMS, Sending more than one person a pic and than if one of them replies it goes to all of your recipients

    3. Lack of Facebook Integration within the phone and pictures!! Total bummer they should have done both Facebook and twitter

    4. Group/Categorizing Contacts in the Address Book: Google is very good at this: For example Family, Business, Personal, School, etc: To be able to add edit delete contacts from within these categories right from the contacts area and it all sync to your cloud or backup, how can Apple miss this? I haven't found an app that does this and it is crucial to my business

    5. On android you can put a web address ending in .apk and download apps that way, is there one for Apple in this regard?

    6. Is there a way to sync my existing google contacts which are already categorized in groups to my iPhone?

    7. What is a good case that shows the look of the white without adding much bulks but would protect against accidental drops to cement? for now I have just a bumper on

    8. Those with a 32gb or 64gb what do you plan on putting on your phone which would take up such space?

    9. The Call log shows the city and state of a caller not in the contacts only if you press details but it doesn't show it when you call them, why is that? fix?

    10. email is different from app store email, does this matter in respect to cloud computing and what not? is it recommended to use one email for all?

    11. Ability to move dvd movies to phone?

    12. What is the quickest way to look up a contact to dial their number? As I am use to android where on the dial pad you can start typing and their name and number come up! Much easier I think

    as I think of other stuff I will post, this is what comes up as of now.
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    As for #10, it gives you a little flexibility. If it's only you using your iPhone and other iCloud devices, you could use the same for both. But separate logins can let you share purchases without sharing syncing. For example, my girlfriend and I each have iPhones. We use the same Apple ID for the store so we don't duplicate purchases, but then we each have our own different iCloud IDs that sync and back up each user's items separately. The thing to remember is the store ID at this time cannot be moved or merged with another ID. So pick one and stick with it otherwise you will either lose your purchase history or be stuck constantly logging into and out of separate store IDs to purchase and update apps and media. Not fun.

    #12 if you tap Contacts in the Phone app, then scroll all the way up to the top (shortcut is tap the status bar where the time is displayed), you'll see a search field you can type it. You can also have Siri dial for you on an iPhone 4S, and of course you can put frequently used contacts int he Favorites list.
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    1. There are other SMS programs you can install if you like. Kik and whatsapp are two popular ones. There are lots more.

    2. I don't know.

    3. I agree. I had an EVO and although the phone sucked overall it was cool to have all of the facebook pics be my contact pics.

    4. You can have groups for your contacts. I don't think you can create them on the phone but if you make them elsewhere, when they sync they show as separate groups on the phone.

    5. You can't download apps any way other than the app store. You can't download anything...unless you jailbreak.

    6. Yes, set up google as an exchange server and enable contacts (google sync)

    7. I have the the SGP Neo Hybrid A in white and I think it looks great on my white 4s

    8. Music? HD Videos?

    9: No idea.

    10. This just came out yesterday. So far there is no way to use your icloud id for your itunes store account. I'm not sure why but apple has a reason for this, I'm sure.

    11. You need to convert the movie to Mp4 or other format itunes can read. I use a program called Handbrake. Add the movie to itunes and then sync to phone or drag it on.

    12. swipe to the left to spotlight and start typing their name. Also, you can just ask siri to call them.

    You have 3 months of Apple care telephone support and can call them up with these qestions or can go to the apple store and they will help you out with all this. I
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    RAW photo storage while in transit and away from a computer (I'm getting a card reader/dock for the iPhone)! I had ~30GB on my storage unit on the last trip, but I filled it in two weeks. My camera takes 21MB RAW photos, so 64GB (minus all the other stuff) will get me somewhere around 2300 images, which isn't a lot depending on how long I'm gone and what the project is.

    Also, HD video — going to be playing with this feature a lot! And probably some audio recording (one less gadget to carry around).

    Honestly, 64GB doesn't seem like enough, now...

    My last iPhone was 8GB, and I barely filled 6GB. I don't download movies/tv, and carry around less than 1GB of music. Being able to use the 4S for photo storage is something I'm willing to test out given how many devices I hauled around on my last trip.

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