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    Nov 7, 2013
    Hey people,
    long time lurker first time poster!

    Well recently purchased my new rmbp 15 late 2013.
    first off absolutely love it!! no issues whatsoever
    touch hairy wood
    ive not been off it since buying it trying to learn mac.
    few things I've wondered though,

    - my iPad gen 4 refuses to connect with my laptop, constantly connecting & disconnecting

    - whats the best way to import my media? I am currently travelling at the moment and have a hard drive with all my photo and video on it.
    I hope to edit these ASAP.I have partitioned the drive with 1 for CCC and 1 for movies etc.I hope to buy a thunderbolt lacie for scratch disk when i return home.

    - should i import all pictures to iPhoto & video to iMovie?
    do they separate pics & videos?

    - any experience with go pro studio?

    thanks people sorry I'm very new to mac and have 250gb mess of pics & vids to sort out & edit!
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Usually photos go to iPhoto. One way to do this is to import them folder by folder so you can keep them organized the way you prefer. What I do is keep all my photos on a Firewire drive and import them to iPhoto with "copy photos to iPhoto Library" turned OFF. This means I can't go moving files around after importing them but it keeps my iPhoto Library small. I have about an 11 GB iPhoto Library for over 300 GB of photos.

    Movies are a different story. I found they badly bogged down iPhoto. iMovie bogged down even worse because it insisted on combing through my entire iPhoto Library finding movies (about 100 GB worth at that time). I abandoned that iPhoto Library, which had reached 70 GB, and started over with an iPhoto Library for photos only and without copying photos to iPhoto Library.

    Other options to consider are Aperture, Lightroom, Picasa and Flickr. Even Google+ now lets you import photos at full resolution. This provides off site backup of photos.

    As for intermittent connection of your iPod, I suggest a quick call to Applecare. As an owner of a newly purchased machine, you get 90 days of phone support free. I shelled out extra for Applecare so my phone support runs a full 3 years, as does my hardware warranty. Applecare for a 15 inch rMBP can be pretty expensive but I find it to be worth it because of the level of customer service I get from Apple.

    Whatever you do, take your time. Decisions you make now will affect how you work for many months to come. I do suggest you get an external drive and I don't suggest dumping all those photos on your Macintosh HD, especially on the SSD that is inside your rMBP. A good strategy is to keep all photos on external TB or FW HDD and copy or mirror them to a network drive. I've tried Time Capsule but since moved on to Synology NAS. My photos and movies are mirrored both on my attached FW drive and the Synology Disk Station.
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    You are probably better off not importing your movies into iMovie unless/until you want to edit them. When you do import them for editing, it's advised to import them to an external drive, to prevent excess wear and tear on your internal drive.
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    [[ I hope to buy a thunderbolt lacie for scratch disk when i return home. ]]

    Thunderbolt isn't going to offer any speed advantages over USB3 for a "scratch drive".

    Save the money and get something with USB3.
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    Nov 7, 2013
    Thanks for all your help guys loads of information to mull over.
    Really appreciate it i will be reading over those websites and buying a new USB 3 HDD for photos.
    definitely going down the network drive route for back ups & media share.
    thanks again:)

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