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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by MattSepeta, Mar 24, 2010.

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    EDIT: Thanks for moving it, I am so used to posting in the photo forum, I did it instinctively!

    I finally got around to being productive after work and started "blogging" on my photo blog. My first post was a quick how-to for making water drop photos.

    Here is what I ask.

    Please go to my site, and evaluate it on a few things...

    -How well do you like the layout. Should i ditch this WP theme and try another? How about the color scheme?

    -Ease of use. Do you think it is easy enough to navigate? Are you confused by anything?

    -Content. Do you think that people would want more information about the photos?

    -Actual content. Was it too hard to find? How should I label it without it sounding boring?

    -First posts. What do you think of the water drop how-to? Do I need to go more in depth? More setup photos? More specific information? Should I show exif data for all the photos?

    -Are product reviews a good way to drive traffic?

    And ANY other comments, criticisms, suggestions, ANYTHING!

    I started the blog to use as an online portfolio, as well as a blog to share information with others while I am progressing as a photographer. How can I do this better?

    Thanks a ton guys, you are always more than helpful :)
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    Maybe I just should have stayed in bed today, but... where is the blog exactly?

    EDIT: Found it. I think your text posts need to be separated from your image posts in a more understandable way. Since "day to day" doesn't scream "blog" nor "tutorials," you'll need to differentiate that category in some other way. I'm not saying that "day to day" is necessarily a bad name for the blog posts, but it is kind of obtuse. Either change the name to "Blog" or "Tutorials" or whatever you want the posts to be about, or move "Day to Day" somewhere else so that it is obviously different than the portfolio posts.
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    Oct 26, 2009
    yeaah, i was wondering where it was too. probably just separate it from the photography links. or change the name. maybe to get an idea, check my photography website out. it also has a blog in it.
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    Jul 9, 2009
    375th St. Y

    Thanks for the feedback! I changed it so say "Blog". I am not sure how else to differentiate it from the photo pages.

    That aside, I plan on clearing off all of the images, and re uploading them. I need to rename them all for SEO and also watermark them.

    Knowing that: Which would be easier for you to navigate?

    Option A: Keep a few "categories" such as "portrait, walk-around, sports, etc...
    then uploading the images into the categories in "sub-categories", like I have now, ie; Action->Summer Sports


    Option B: Make broader main categories, then within each category, make new galleries chronologically ie; Action-> Bike Polo 3/24/10


    Do I go with "Action->Summer Sports" then have a very large gallery, or
    "Action-> Bike Polo 3/24/10" and have a large number of galleries with less images?

    I am leaning towards option B, for organization and ease of use purposes, but that really detracts from the portfolio aspect of my blog...

    What do you think?

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