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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by DFZD, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. DFZD macrumors regular

    Apr 6, 2012
    The studies and surveys have shown that the interest in Apple Watch is not that great. But I think it's mostly because of the App support, and the watch itself isn't half bad.

    But if some maps company uses the Apple watch to create a Video Game style HUD Map on the watch, I think it'd be legendary, a lot of people would really find it far easy to use compared to phone and GPS device based services.


    The interface is from 2005, so I think they could make it more 2015'ish.

    So would you like to have this app? And would you buy the watch if there was an app like this?
  2. McDaddio macrumors 6502a

    Oct 6, 2014
    I would by two of the $10k editions if this existed.
    I would use the second one as a backup for when the battery runs down on the first.
    But for now, just one is enough!
  3. DFZD thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 6, 2012
    You are right, and offtopic, but it's depressing that the Edition watches don't come with a futuristic self charging battery. I mean the tech is already there. Motion charging, wireless charging, solar charging. I'm sure in very future biometric charging would exist as well. It would also burn calories.
  4. nutmac macrumors 68040

    Mar 30, 2004
    One problem with apps such as this is fatigue from holding your arm up for extended period. Apple advised developers to keep app interaction to 30 seconds or less to partially to keep the battery usage low but mainly to reduce fatigue.
  5. DFZD thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 6, 2012
    Well I don't know about you but I drive 10 and 2. Personally I don't foresee a problem
  6. Anonymous Freak macrumors 603

    Anonymous Freak

    Dec 12, 2002
    Motion charging - On a Reddit thread about the (much lower power consumption) Pebble Time, someone figured out that motion charging wouldn't generate nearly enough energy to keep even a Pebble Time going. It might extend the 7-day battery life to 7.5 days, that's about it.

    Solar charging - even worse. Unless you somehow got 100% solar coverage on the entire watch band, (aka laying it flat) 10 hours a day, you would at best add a few days of battery life to the 7 day life. Realistic wear, where it's not in direct sunlight for most of the day, and with the watch band around your wrist, so that very little of the band is exposed to the sun at any moment, would be negligible.

    Now, WIRELESS charging, that is an established thing. But all existing standards require the device to be stationary, and VERY close to the charger. So not a reasonable solution while wearing it. But you COULD stick a large solar panel on a backpack, and run a wire to your wrist, to potentially keep it charged constantly.

    Biometric... That would be interesting. I've seen concepts for internal medical devices powered by the body, but moving that to external devices would be a new level of interesting. Get a Qi charger implanted under your wrist?
  7. KauaiBruce macrumors 6502a


    Jul 5, 2007
    Kauai, HI
    Seriously? Although I do not doubt that there will be a few simple games out there I just do not think the Watch is the platform for it. Games are going to be a huge battery drain. Yes, something cute you can play in 3 minutes while in line is fine but nothing fancy. What interface is there to use for a game? Force Touch can only do so much.

    If you want a game then just pull out the iPhone.
  8. zacheryjensen macrumors 6502a


    May 11, 2009
    A product that basically nobody has used has at least 25% respondents (in Reuters survey) stating they want to buy it and you think that's not great? That's ********** amazing. Nobody has used this. 25% of people surveyed want it already. Only Apple could accomplish that kind of response for a new product line.

    This isn't some iPhone 750.2 upgrade. That would be a concerning low number. This is something that enters a space where the biggest spenders don't even wear watches anymore.

    Yeah. I disagree with the analysis that this level of response is "not that great."
  9. saschke macrumors 6502

    Feb 2, 2008
    Agree, OPs introduction is kinda ridiculous.
  10. chrise2 macrumors 6502

    Sep 17, 2012
    I have Flappy Bird for my Pebble. That's about as good as you're gonna get on a watch. Though maybe a breakout / Arkanoid style game would be cool using the digital crown as a controller. Blackjack or video poker could work. I'm sure there will be a million crappy games for this thing.
  11. smiddlehurst macrumors 65816

    Jun 5, 2007
    While I completely agree with this to be fair to the OP that survey has been widely reported on in a VERY negative light. It's not surprising that people have taken away the perception those headlines suggested rather than 25% likely to buy being a ridiculous number for a new device (and one tied to Apple's ecosystem no less).
  12. amporas macrumors newbie


    Mar 24, 2015
    That... Is actually super useful and exciting. I'm so easily lost, having a map on my wrist would be a lot easier than juggling my phone while I drive.
  13. Mildredop macrumors 68020

    Oct 14, 2013
    Have you got any links to these studies please?
  14. zacheryjensen macrumors 6502a


    May 11, 2009
    I wonder if you realize that maps is a built in feature of the watch, including getting taps to tell you when to turn when navigating.
  15. Armen macrumors 604


    Apr 30, 2013
    If you drive 10 and 2 it means your watch faces the A pillar of your car. i.e. the top left corner of your visor. In order to see the watch face you'd have to remove your left hand from the steering wheel as it is impossible to grip the wheel and twist your wrist to make the watch face you in that fashion.
  16. KauaiBruce macrumors 6502a


    Jul 5, 2007
    Kauai, HI
    I have a Pebble and totally agree. I think the Pebble is why I know it is just silly. Thankfully Apple has a lot more control than Pebble over what will be available. It would be great if someone came up with something that was quick and cute but I have seen no evidence of that happening.
  17. eneisch macrumors 6502a

    Jul 11, 2008
    A little off topic is now recommended by some defensive driving courses and car insurance carriers to keep your hands at the 9 and 3 position rather than 10 and 2. The reason is that keeping your hands at 10 and 2 increases the risk of injury to your hands and wrists if the air bag deploys. There is also a potential that your hand or arm could strike you in the face if the air bag deploys.

    The more you know...
  18. cfc macrumors 6502


    May 27, 2011
    Unfortunately the Apple Watch doesn't have a compass, so this app wouldn't be possible.

    Hopefully v2 will have one and open up a whole new class of apps, including ones like this.

    I'd imagine that the default maps app will then orient the map in the direction of travel when guiding the user using taptic feedback. However this won't be possible with the first version of the watch (unless it does contain a compass that Apple hasn't mentioned).
  19. noobinator macrumors 603


    Jun 19, 2009
    Pasadena, CA
    So you want maps without any words pretty much?
  20. DFZD thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 6, 2012
    Sorry I may not have been clear enough. I don't suggest a smartwatch game like GTA, it's a Maps app, like apple maps? But one that works and looks like a GTA minimap.

    Sorry about that. Nevertheless, what do you think about maps app? Does it interest you?

    If you have played the game, the minimap is actually a very simplified interface that keeps rotating with the directions to just help you navigate to the destination without being distracted. It actually works very well in the game, and I doubt that it won't work in the real world.
  21. JuryDuty macrumors 6502


    Sep 22, 2014

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