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Jun 16, 2009
Ok so here is my dilemma.

But first a brief history about my smartphone use.
I am with Verizon, have been with VZ for 11yrs.
I started off with I believe with the windows phone,
then black berry. When Android came out
I was all over it. Finally the Iphone came to VZ and there was
no real compelling reason to get it. Especially after the big screens
Came out; I have always liked the look but wasnt going to
buy into the hype.

I had the Android tablet, then right after I bought the latest and greatest.
I noticed developers making games specifically for a new chip yet to come out. So my reactions was screw it. When the time came I bought an ipad,
because in my minds eye when Apple makes something they at least make it for a few gens back.

I am heavily into photography, what I noticed is how easy it was to
tkae images from my DSLR and put on my ipad. I know there there but havent figured a workaround for getting them from my ipad to somewhere else other than the cloud. But thats another issue.

But the reason for posting is this.
I had the Note 3 it started having issues with calls so they sent me
a SGS5 nice phone but I miss the big screen.
So I was saying as soon as the Note 4 comes out I am all over it.

Buuuuut I have said in the past if Apple comes out with a big screen
I might consider an iphone.
So one plus I know is that it will be easy to get pics from my DSLR
to an iphone a huge plus.

One thing I know what I will miss is that huge calender widget
that I can put on my screen and just look at not really a deal breaker.

I am strongly leaning to the 6+
Maybe, I am bored and want to change.
But the ease of placing photos on my phone is huge.
I do have a great deal of music. But I was told that
itunes can help make the switch.

Don't really care too much about spen.
I know from experience from ipad I can make
word docs and send via email.

So my question is this for android users becoming
first time iphone users.

What are/were the benefits of switching to apple.
What do you niss most about android, and what do
you like best about ios. Lastly how do u
rate your overall experience after switching.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! :D

Thanks in advance, I will be making my decision to order the 6+ by thursday..
Whew that was long


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Sep 17, 2014
and this thread is about to get spam with why are you asking about android on an apple forum.. blah blah blah

i have a similar use as you, i had 5 different blackberry's before i jumped to android. had used android for the last 5-6 years, and one of my gripes with apple was the small screen. here comes the 6+ and everything changed.

there are some features that i miss about android, some like:

led notifications ( i believe this is something that only samsung/htc/motorola does.. might be patent, who knows)

sd card- nothing like having that extra storage

drag and drop- because sometimes i dont want to use iTunes


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Jun 16, 2009
I am strongly considering going from an Android Phone
to an iphone 6+. I am choosing between the 6+ and the note 4.

I am asking in this forum because I know I will get better advice
from a forum than I would reading an article and looking at the comments

Real world experience will no dbout be more helpful....

Like I said one big plus that I know will be the ease of trensferring my
pics from my camera to my phone.

I am just trying to find the other benefits of making the switch
Weighing the good and the bad


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Jun 16, 2009
I have a Nikon
With the adapter apple has I can just use the cables and adapter drop my card in and tranfer away.
It appears that it doesn't have that capability
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Oct 23, 2011
my 2 cents

If you want freedom stay with android but if you want the phone that does what is suppose to do and stability, go with Apple. I am not saying Android is not stable to it is not as good as with Apple because Apple tie down what you can put on and everything goes through iTune. I always tell user when ask about apple vs android like in politic, Apple=Communist, Android=Democracy.


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Mar 22, 2014
Derbyshire UK
Transferring shots from your camera to an Android device is simple.
All you need is an USB OTG (On The Go) cable and either connect your camera direct or take the storage card out of the camera and insert it into a USB card adapter then attach to the USB OTG Cable.
The Android device will pick it up as a storage device then all you need do is open your File Manager of choice (yes choice) and put the photos whoever ever you choose (yes choose).
To me that is more simple than using iOS.

If your camera has Wifi then it's easier still.

Be also careful with any hardware accessories you buy for your Apple device ~ I had a no name brand Camera Connection Kit for my iPad and Apple decided to stop it working as it was not a branded Apple product.
That annoys the hell out of me. At least with Android it allows you the choice.

With that all said although I love Android and have a couple of phones (LG G3's) and a Samsung Note 10.1 tablet. I do love the ease and use of my iPad and wouldn't be without my big and trusty new iMac 27"er.
As such I am quite prepared to give Apple a further shot and yesterday placed an order for an 128GB Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus.

I know there will be times when I'll reach for one of the G3's but equally I will love the new software and hardware accessories I will get with the iPhone.

Basically if you have the ability to embrace something with an open mind then you should get along just fine with it. :)
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