First time buyer: I want my iMac NOW!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ChicaMadrid, May 24, 2007.

  1. ChicaMadrid macrumors newbie

    May 24, 2007
    So I have been thinking about switching to macs for a long time. And I'm finally ready to do it. I walk into the Apple store and just fell in love with the 17" screen iMac. I'm a PR freelancer so I do mostly writing, but I'm also a musician and want to do some things with garage band and in the future, I may invest in setting up a mini home recording studio - nothing big.

    But now I see that buying a mac is very much like playing the stock market. You have to buy at the right time. I've seen the rumors that the iMacs will be updated, but that the 17" might go away. Two problems with this: The 20" screen gave me a headache and 2) I cannot afford to 20" iMac. So what do I do?

    Should I 1) Wait until the new iMac is released and get the cheapest of the new version 2) Get the 17" when the price goes through the floor because it's discontinued 3) Wait until I have more money to get the iMac pro.

    It's just confusing. On the one hand, i want to wait and see, but I'm dreaming about the iMac. And what if the new generation of iMacs has growing pains, assuming it would take a few reworks to get the new ones perfect. And what if the "striking industrial design" doesn't leave me smitten? This is seriously more stressful than buying a car! :eek:
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    May 15, 2007
    I'm where I need to be
    Well, I would recommend at least waiting until WWDC. I can't image the new iMac design not being very sexy :D . Its only about 2 1/2 weeks away. You can wait ;) . As far as what to buy... I'd always suggest to buy the most you might need and be able to afford. I think you'll find that the 20" isn't really that bad, if the 17" dies off. Why did it happen to give you a headache?
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    May 12, 2007
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    Sounds good.

    I disagree, in part. Buying into *technology* is like playing the stock market, but I know where your coming from. How about thinking about it like this. What is the investment, return, depreciation, and resale value.

    i) Investment - Agree on the face of it the Mac's look expensive. Then you actually sit down and price up a PC and compare the performance, ease of use, and add the stuff [buy the software for a PC] you need to actually do what you want to do and you find it's not so different.

    ii) Return - Very subjective. How do you measure enjoyment, ease of use and satisfaction with results. That aside do a little search on ebay you will find that even old mac's have value as do the parts. These also tend to be higher than there PC counter parts.

    iii) Depreciation - Falls into two categories in my opinion. The first is the usefulness. The second is financial worth. In terms of usefulness most Mac users I have spoken to tend to find a use for every Mac they have owned and if eBay is an example the number that appear on the market 2nd hand is a result of having a new Mac already and need the space. Compare that to the PC market where people sell in order to upgrade. The financial worth is really tied into the usefulness. That said check out the eBay market, even if you don't have a use, someone will.

    iv) Resale Value - It's easy. Take a look at a Dell [Any supplier will do] machine now and then look at last years top model and what is sells for now. There's a reason they sell cheap, because they are cheap and are designed to be thrown away.

    Buy what you need when you need it. If anything wait for the new ones to be released and pick up the discount on the old ones. Just remember you will always pay a premium for the new stuff.

    I think your old enough to understand the up's and downs on this. I am slo sure, like most of us, your heart will make the decision for you.
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    May 20, 2006
    The general rule of thumb is exactly what the previous poster said: buy what you need when you need it.

    In other words, unless you need it by a certain date, it can never hurt to wait. The worst thing that will happen: they'll update the macs, the 20" will be the smallest, and you'll hate the new design. In which case you just head on over to the refurbished section on the apple site and buy a 17" imac for cheap. Most people if not everyone on this site have had favorable experiences with refurbished macs.

    If you like what you see now, it'll still be available after WWDC either through Refurb, probably through the Macrumors marketplace, and through ebay as well. As for the price "going through the floor", I wouldn't expect them to get THAT cheap. Maybe 100 or 200 off.

    Otherwise, if you like the one's that come out after that, go for it. There's going to be inevitable growing pains, but Apple does a very good job clearing them up very fast, and if you do have problems, their customer service is phenomenal (unlike Dell). I got my Macbook about a month after it came out, and I have no complaints about it!

    Waiting seems to be a win-win situation right now...

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