First time caller questions re: upgrade from Plex to aTV system

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by coocooforcocoap, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Hi all, I have a new aTV being delivered to my home here in Nepal in a few days, and I have some questions. I currently have a Plex server running off an older MBP, that serves movies, shows, and music to the house. For the most part this works great, except my 2-year old Sony Smart TV has a hard time playing back stuff over DLNA. All other devices in the home, android, iPads, MBAs, iMacs, etc. work well. Hence the aTV order. I am hoping I can improve playback on the Sony TV by using the aTV.

    So what do I need to do to convert this system? I suppose I have to get all my media into iTunes right? Currently all our music is there, on my MBP/Plex system. The movies and TV shows are all on attached USB drives (to that box). Would I have to import this 1TB+ set of stuff into iTunes there? Can that be done in-place, where as the music is embedded in the iTunes library (within the iTunes folder). Or do I have to have the motion media inside the iTunes folder as well?

    The problem I am trying to solve is probably a transcoding one from Plex to the Sony TV. Will the aTV help in any way there, or is the same transcoding going on inside of the MBP?

    It's really hard for me to discuss/judge the product, as it's sight unseen so far. There are very few of them here in my neck of the woods, if any, and most all folks use PCs and Plex to do what I want to do (stream all media from a single repository in the house to all devices laying around). But since this is an all apple household - outside of two android phones - this should be good for me no?

    Well, thx in advance for any tips or tricks!

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