First time iMac user. Problems with photos from iphone

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Olivia23, Mar 14, 2015.

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    This is my first time using a Mac computer. I have the 27 inch iMac. I have the iphone 6 plus and the ipad 4. I thought having an iMac the photos between the iphone and mac would transfer easily but I'm having issues.

    The first time I connected my iphone it recognized it and asked to trust this computer so I selected trust. Then it transferred some photos from it but not all. Now when I connect it iPhoto does not pick up the rest of the photos. What's up with that? It's making me start to hate Mac computer and wish I had stuck with alienware.
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    I don't use iPhoto, but here is the procedure for using the built-in Image Capture utility:

    Connect your iPhone and on the Mac run the Image Capture utility if it doesn't automatically start. To run this just press CMD-space and type "image". It should be one if the first things that pops up.

    ImageCapture will show all photos in the Camera Roll on your iPhone. You just select the ones you want, select the folder to place them, and press "import".

    After they are imported, if you press the "red slash" button you can delete the photos from your iPhone.

    You can then import to iPhoto and edit the photos from the folder you downloaded.

    Once you have the edited or resized photos how you want them, these can be placed on your iPad this way:

    (1) Resize photos on your Mac to about 1.5k or 2k pixels, else they will take up too much space. In iPhoto or Lightroom you can export at that size. For existing photos use a resize utility. For Mac use Photo Resize Pro:

    (2) On Mac put your resized photos in a group of folders under one main folder. E.g, main folder: IPadPhotos. Sub-folders: Family, Vacations, Pets, etc. Each folder will become an album on the iPad.

    (3) Plug your iPad into your PC/Mac and start iTunes

    (4) Your iPad should appear on the left side in iTunes. Click on that and (in iTunes 12) you should see several on the left sidebar Summary, Info, Apps, etc. Click on the menu "Photos".

    (5) You'll see an option to "Sync Photos From:" Point that to the main folder on your Mac/PC you created. Usually you want the sub-option "All photos".

    (6) The next time you sync your iPad, the photos you placed in your Mac/PC photo folder will appear in the iPad "Photos" album. Each sub-folder within your PC/Mac photo folder will become a separate iPad photo album.

    If you delete a photo from your PC/Mac folder, the next time you sync it will be deleted from your iPad photo album

    If you add a photo to your PC/Mac folder, the next time you sync it will be added to your iPad photo album.

    If you add or delete a sub-folder within your photo folder on your PC/Mac, the next time you sync that album will be added or deleted on your iPad.

    One complication: say you've already put photos on your iPad/iPhone via DropBox or email, but you've never sync'd photos via iTunes.

    The first time you invoke this feature it could wipe out your existing iPad albums, since iTunes copies the designated folder tree (containing your photos) from your PC/Mac to your iPad. In this case you want to first back up iPad/iPhone albums before syncing photos with iTunes.

    There are several ways to back up all photos on your iPad, but I like "Photo Transfer App" ($2.99). It's available for both Windows and Mac: For a Mac you put it on your iPad *and* Mac: It allows both USB and WiFi transfer. It allows backing up all your photos from iPad to PC/Mac, including albums.
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    Disregard that second post, way too long.....The simplest and most easiest method is to synch you're iPhone with the computer in iTunes. This will back up all of your data,pictures, etc.

    *With your phone connected to your computer open iTunes and you will see the option to synch, simple and easy.

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