First time I've bought an Apple product on launch day - less stressful than I expected!

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by johngwheeler, Sep 17, 2016.

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    I come from a land down-under...
    I had decided to buy an Apple Watch 2 after seeing the early reviews but wanted in-store pickup. This option wasn't available on or before launch day in Australia, so on the off-chance I walked passed the Sydney Apple store at about 10.30 on Friday. There were some crowd barriers going around the side of the building, but the line for phones and watches was only about 30 people long, just I decided to join it, not expecting them to have much stock.

    I have to say, the whole process was pretty easy and stress free. Within a couple of minutes a store employee took my order, and sent me a reservation e-mail with a QR code. I had wanted the Sports band in black, but they only had the space grey with nylon strap, but it looked quite nice so I just went for this choice. I actually think it's nicer looking that the plastic band, and probably more secure, although I expect it will be harder to clean if it gets dirty or sweaty.

    So within about 20 minutes I was paying for the watch - all pretty easy! The on-line purchase had 3-5 weeks delivery time, with the attendant hassle of waiting at home to sign for delivery, so the in-store purchase was surprisingly simple. I really hadn't expected for them to (a) have stock & (b) have such short waiting times.

    I'm still exploring the capabilities of the actual watch, but it seems to be very well executed, and is pleasingly fast. I'm definitely glad I held out for a v2 release - the water resistance and GPS made it much more compelling.

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    you must live at an Apple Store. This has been their WORST launch.
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    Nice! I actually wanted the nylon strap. Go figure! Ended up going with sport since it was in stock. St the end of the day it's a wash; in using a Milanese loop anyway lol.
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    Idk. My experience was similar. I actually tried target first because I was hoping to use a red card and get three years insurance instead of two. They hadn't gotten any in so I decided to test Apple. I got there at 8:30. Stood in line gen minutes. Was out in another ten minutes.

    Can't comment on phones stock beyond the fact there were only 20-30 in line for those. Had no interest this year in a phone so didn't even ask.

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