First Time Mac Owner: Macbook Air 256GB (2014 model)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Medic311, Aug 29, 2014.

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    just wanted to drop in and say hello into this forum since i've never had a reason to venture in here until just recently...

    i've been a Windows user since the early 1990's and have seen the ups and downs when it comes to Windows. i must say, jokingly that all of the problems with Windows 95 actually got me so fluent with Windows that i never needed tech support again for any of the issues people experienced with XP. i skipped Vista and went from XP straight to Windows 7 and i honestly thought that Windows 7 was the new "XP" in terms of versatility yet also with the OS reliability of OS X. Windows 7 IMO was the best OS ever created, better than OS X from a compatibility standpoint (for my needs, maybe not for others) and just as stable/reliable as OS X.

    then Microsoft dropped Windows 8 on everyone and it was a **** show, for me included. i have actually held off on purchasing a new Windows laptop solely due to Windows 8. i tried to fiddle around with a new laptop and putting Windows 7 back on, problem is the component companies' drivers are not backward compatible and i ended up basically bricking the laptop unless i wanted to re-install Windows 8 back onto it.

    then Microsoft came out with Windows 8.1 and said how awesome it was and that it fixed all of the issues that 8 had. then they said it was a free upgrade (as if that was a feature? fix the bugs from rev 1 LOL). anyways, Windows 8.1 isn't that great and their half-assed attempt at bringing back traditional Desktop functionality is severely flawed. what would have taken me just two clicks, now requires me to go into Preferences and change settings, then it takes double the amount of clicks to do what i did before. that's great it has touch capability. i really thought Windows 8.1 would have turned things around but it didnt. my Surface Pro 2 purchase was a waste of my time and money so i took it back. that was the last straw with Microsoft. i decided to go out and get a Macbook Air during the last go-around. i bought (2) 256GB Macbook Air models for $908 each and flipped 1 on ebay to some buyer in Russia who ended up paying me $1344 for it. i put the profits of the flip towards the one i kept. after having used the MBA for a week now, i couldn't be happier to be honest. OS X is a breeze to use and eliminates a lot of nonsense that i still had to deal with in Windows 7. everything is very well organized, it's very fast, and using OS X is actually enjoyable due to the level of care and effort that was added in each progression through the OS. i'm an engineer by profession so i am easily able to recognize when there is attention to detail. with Windows, everything is strictly utilitarian. nothing more and nothing less.

    that's just from a software standpoint. hardware is phenomenal also and this is by far the best built laptop i have ever used. besides being thin and light, i can hold it with 1 hand and there isn't any flex at all. i can open the lid with one hand. the laptop runs very cool, the fan is nearly silent, and my god the battery life is insane. when they say 12 hours they mean it. i've been using it a few hours after work / evenings and the battery lasted me from Sunday - last night. the laptop boots super fast, instant on, the trackpad is great...the list goes on. now i know why people rave about Macs.

    still have my Windows 7 and my Windows XP laptops as well for running a lot of my older engineering analysis software programs, and my home server is Windows-based (WHS) and runs 12TB of total storage that provides backup and media streaming for my family and while i am on business travel. however i use the MBA 13" 90% of the time now. if Microsoft doesn't fix their ****, they are in for a huge problem because in my family alone they will have lost out on a total of 6 computers that are not being upgraded to Windows 8/8.1 and will either continue to use Windows 7 or jump ship to OS X. i cringe at the price tag but i definitely got an insane deal. i am willing to put up with the higher prices for the benefits many have already touched on over the years with the MBA and OS X in general. i was a Blackberry user since day 1 as was my entire family, but we had enough of the battery pull nonsense and jumped ship for iOS in 2011 so i've been through this entirely before
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    Not sure what to make of this post.

    Chicken Nugget
    Happy for you
    Yeah Windows sucks

    ???? Am I missing anything. It was so random, so thought I'd join the party, hehe
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    Oct 9, 2012
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    sale price + movers coupon + .edu coupon @ best buy
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    Jul 12, 2014
    I'm also a long-time Windows user who purchased a MacBook Air. Mine's the 13" MBA 256SSD (early 2014) model, probably the same as yours.

    I have to say that I was a devoted Microsoft fanboy. I would constantly fight for Microsoft on forums, I purchased a Surface RT 32GB, a Windows Phone.

    I had a Dell Laptop that is now about 5 years old and I installed 8.1 on it. At first, I was in love with Windows even just till recently. But then... things started changing. I noticed how much I was compromising on things. Oh its slow, but that's okay. Just gotta wait. Man, this is kind of annoying, but they'll release a new update, right? I love these tiles but they're kind of bland. Oh well.

    I don't know, that might be a bit exaggerated but that's more or less my thought process. It's not like Windows is inherently slow. I had a low-end Windows Phone, a 5 year old laptop... And the Surface is no powerhouse. But for all the things good about Windows, it's not really worth it. Not to mention I've had a horrible experience with Microsoft.

    To make a long story short, I had a faulty Surface RT and had to have it replaced twice, and now I'm getting it replaced the third time. Except this time, I'm selling it on Amazon to be rid myself of it. And I intend to replace my phone soon.

    It came time to get a new laptop, and I immediately thought of the Surface Pro 3. But digging further, I noticed that people complained about throttling issues. And not only that, but the battery wasn't as great as you would expect from a supposed MacBook Air competitor. that's when I toyed with the idea of getting a MBA. But more on the Surface, it was frustrating that Microsoft apparently compromised on battery and cooling to make a thinner, lighter device. What's the point? And the keyboard is still flimsy. It's not a comfortable experience using the Surface RT exactly. Ever since I've gotten mine, I just left the Surface to dust.

    Well, I went and bought the MacBook. And despite its cost, I was determined to keep it. The hardware; beautiful. 12-15 hours battery, 3 pounds, top of the line integrated graphics, i5 core... and an SSD! The software: Best OS I've ever used. Most comfortable, great for casual use, somewhat more powerful than Windows is some aspects. And more stable. (Though I have run into a rare glitch or two)

    I unfortunately can't escape Windows entirely, as I have to bootcamp some Windows-only software (Visual Studio) for classes. But boys, even Windows runs smoothly. Though with more hiccups than desirable.

    Well... Ya, that's all I can think to write right now. Hope you enjoy your purchase.
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    Still think Explorer easier to use, more logical, more display options, than Finder. I downloaded XtraFinder which is suppose to enhance but still. Finder reminds of Mac OS circa 1980's hasn't improved much.
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    Massive wall of text. I'm not quite clear on why you decided to let us know all this.

    As for Win 8.1, I found it be perfectly usable with Classic Shell, though it does have some frustrating bugs such as the horribly implemented hibernating of the kernel session "feature" which is enabled by default and results in hangs on restart. Under the hood, it mostly trumps 7 though, hands-down. And 7 was good.

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