First Time Mac Owner - Need Help With My 2nd Issue Please: Itunes Sharing Users

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Dreamss, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Dreamss macrumors newbie

    Mar 28, 2011
    Me again lol,

    Ok, here is my 2nd challenge I am trying to work on as a new Mac user.
    I was up till midnight working solely on this one (started at around 9pm) and spent time reading how to's on web sites with no avail.

    My new MBP I bought over the weekend is going to be used by both my wife and I and since we listen to the same music for the most part, we like to have all the music in a shared folder from which we can both draw on and have access to the same exact songs and videos. I have it set up this was on my PC and want to do the same on the MBP now.
    I also want it to be so that when one of us buys a song off the itunes store or imports music, we both see it and can listen to it without having to move it into a shared folder each time.

    We have 2 separate user profiles created just as an FYI....

    I took all my music from my PC and pasted it into my MBP, I think I did it ok as the songs loaded into itunes and did it's magic...All my songs are now there and i can listen to them. I pasted the songs into Users/Me/Music/then pasted all the songs in there and there is another folder in there called Itunes I think (along side my music folders in the same place)

    All I know is that after all the reading I did, trying to go on my wife's itunes and set it up to find music in the shared folder, copying the iTunes Media folder from inside the itunes folder and pasting that into the shared folder, the meantime I think I even scraped some files in error that I probably needed (I think there was a file inside the iTunes Media folder but it's not there anymore..i think I deleted it??)

    Can anyone tell me if I did something wrong, or walk me through this is a way that is easy to understand cause like I mention, this Mac stuff is very new to me :(
    Also, if I scrapped files in itunes that I needed (or the iTunes Media folder itself), is there anyway to get them back or to re-install the itunes program and start over from scratch?

    Chances are, I also pasted all of my music in the wrong place as well but the system did it by itself...not sure when these songs are actually supposed to be put / placed?

    I know I'm a noob but I promise I will have it all figured out soon lol!! Did I mention I love my Mac!!! (Even though it feels like I've never used a computer in my life now re-learning all of it lol)
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    check this support article for pointers.


    darn, i need to type faster ... ;)
  4. Dreamss thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 28, 2011
    Hey there,

    Yes, that's the exact link i read, and guess what, i managed to screw it up lol :D

    I'll try re-reading it and re-working it again tonight, i think the problem is more of the following possibly:

    Where is the entire library supposed to be actually be i said, right now it's in Users/Me/Music/Itunes folder along with all songs pasted here in seperate files / folders

    Should all those songs be placed into one folder and then put into the folder called Itunes? Right now they are not inside the Itunes folder per say.

    Also, is the iTunes Media folder supposed to be empty...i am sure i saw another folder at one point which was like a link to that folder of sorts..can not remember the name of it for the life of me :(

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