"first USA duo core 1GB RAM Atrix 4G" won't get ICS

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by aneftp, Sep 30, 2012.

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    I got rid of the Atrix 4G a long time ago. But the news broke yesterday the Motorola Atrix 4G (the first USA duo core phone along with 1GB of RAM) released in March 2011 won't get Android 4.0.

    Pretty much sums up Android's lack of software support from either the manufactures and/or carriers. We can play the finger pointing game as long as we want. But blame them both.

    Considering Motorola/Google promised the ICS upgrade a long time ago for Atrix 4G owner.

    And it's simply no excuse since the Motorola Xoom essentially runs the same exact hardware as the Atrix 4G and it's gotten Jelly Bean already. We are talking about duo core 1GB RAM here. C

    Let's not use the excuse, "root and install another ROM". The simple fact is point of sales with Android phones. Manufactures are basically done with you once they get the sale. There little incentive to maintain software updates once the sale has been made.

    Sure you may get one major system update. But many phones ship one generation behind to began with anyways.

    Look at the Atrix 4G that shipped with 2.2 in March 2011 and didn't get 2.3 till end of July 2011 (europeans had to wait another couple of months). 2.3 was released in Dec 2010.

    Same can be said for even new "flagship devices" like the S3 . It shipped with 4.0. Finally rolling out 4.1 in some parts of Europe last week. In the USA, it will be a miracle if the S3 ever sees Key Lime Pie during it's life cycle. Maybe it gets 4.1 before xmas 2012. That will be about it.
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    You need to get the mentality out of your head that you deserve updates to your phone. When a manufacturer announces software support for a device they should live up to their promise, but they don't have to offer any additional software support outside of bug fixing. I personally look at what a phone can do out of the box on day one when I make a purchase. I don't ride on the idea that it could possibly do this and this with a future update someday.
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    Look I've been an Android user since day one of the T-mobile G1 all the way through the Gnex and S3.

    Been burned with the Vibrant (Galaxy S t-mobile) losing support after 6 months from launch date. Really feel bad for those who brought that phone in Dec/Jan 2010/2011 when T-mobile pulled phone off to release the Galaxy S 4G (same exact phone except it added HSPA plus support and fixed GPS issue and re-added FFC that they took away).

    Motorola did promise ice cream sandwich support for the Atrix 4G. This wasn't something people were hoping. When a company has promised ICS and lead consumers on for the past 9-10 months, it tells you something.

    Considering Google had closed on it's deal to take over Motorola a few months ago, it's a bad sign how little support you may get even from former flagship phones.
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    I've already shared my distaste for this news in this thread: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1457893

    One of the biggest reasons as to why I'll be sticking with Nexus handsets when it comes to Android.

    I don't entirely agree with you on the phone Galaxy S3 (at least outside the US) as the S2 is due JellyBean. Considering it launched with Gingerbread, to see it supported beyond ICS is a good thing from Samsung IMO.

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