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Apr 12, 2001

Aston Martin and Porsche today previewed the first vehicle dashboards with support for Apple's next-generation CarPlay experience, which launches in 2024, according to a Car and Driver report spotted by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.


Aston Martin confirmed that it will release its first vehicles with next-generation CarPlay in 2024, including an updated DB12 sports car, but it's unclear exactly when in the year this will happen. Porsche did not provide a timeframe or reveal any specific details.

Apple first previewed the next-generation CarPlay experience in June 2022, promising deeper integration with the instrument cluster and climate controls, support for multiple displays across the dashboard, a dedicated FM radio app, widgets, and more.

The next-generation CarPlay interface can be tailored to each specific vehicle model and automaker's brand identity, as pictured below.

Aston Martin previewed CarPlay integration with the instrument cluster and climate controls:

Porsche showed off a custom elongated CarPlay interface on the central screen, along with widgets for apps like Calendar, Music, and Weather on a second display:

With next-generation CarPlay, a connected iPhone will provide app-related data, while the vehicle will provide driving-specific data and info like tire pressure. Apple said the connected iPhone will not store or track this vehicle information.

When first unveiling next-generation CarPlay last year, Apple said committed automakers included Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Polestar, Porsche, Renault, and Volvo. Beyond the addition of Aston Martin, it's unclear if this list has changed since that initial announcement.

Below, we have recapped five key features to expect from next-generation CarPlay, as previewed by Apple last year.

Instrument Cluster Integration


The new CarPlay experience will provide integration with a vehicle's instrument cluster, including the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and more. Apple says drivers will be able to choose from several gauge cluster designs and layouts, including brand‑specific options.

Climate Controls


You'll be able to access your vehicle's climate controls directly within the new version of CarPlay, allowing you to adjust the temperature of the A/C or heat, fan speed, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and other options.

Multi-Display Support


The new version of CarPlay will be able to appear across all of the displays in a vehicle, providing a consistent experience across the infotainment system, instrument cluster, and any additional screens on the dashboard. Apple says CarPlay will be tailored to each new vehicle model to accommodate unique screen shapes and layouts.



Widgets will be a key part of the new CarPlay experience, offering at-a-glance information such as trip duration, fuel economy, distance traveled, calendar events, weather, phone calls, the status of a HomeKit-enabled garage door, and more. It will also be possible to view and scroll through the widgets within the instrument cluster.

FM Radio App


The new version of CarPlay will include an all-new Radio app that allows you to easily control the FM radio in your vehicle, such as to change the station.

Article Link: First Vehicles With Next-Generation Apple CarPlay Announced Ahead of 2024 Launch
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Aug 25, 2023
That Porche looks gorgeous! Wonder if the infotainment system that Apple used for the CarPlay 2 marketing (the two screens; one long the entire dashboard and the other one that looks like the Tesla) will actually be in a car.
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Jul 15, 2010
Southern Cal
That Porche looks gorgeous! Wonder if the infotainment system that Apple used for the CarPlay 2 marketing (the two screens; one long the entire dashboard and the other one that looks like the Tesla) will actually be in a car.
I was lucky enough to find a 2020 Taycan with the options at the price I was finally able to buy at, and the dash is definitely nice (the far right display is an option.).

Porsche and Apple have already implemented a few of the next-gen Carplay functions like climate control, but I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. I need to get into the weeds sorting it out more a bit, I think. At first glance they are not intuitive and probably not indicative of what the full next-gen Carplay rollout will be like either - though some of those tiles on-screen in the pictures above match what I'm seeing on my display as well. But I also am not put-off by Porsche's own UI either, since it integrates Apple Music and Apple Podcasts natively. Mostly Carplay will be for road trip nav and occasional voice-to-message.
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Jan 11, 2012
To each his or her own. There’s no way I am going to pay the price of a high-end vehicle today and then have look at some Apple geek’s idea of what a dash panel should look like. I know. I’m one of the few who does NOT want my vehicle to be a smart phone on wheels. It would be nice if one has the option of limiting Car Play to the infotainment screen.


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Jan 14, 2013
Mapleton, Utah
i don't mind touch screens for the radio and navigation, but for car controls, nothing beats knobs and buttons that you don't have to look at to use.
I agree with this! I have a Lexus that has a large touchscreen display but knobs for things like volume/power and temperature. I really prefer the mix of both and I'm guessing since this is the first iteration of integrated CarPlay that we may see some modifications in the future for a mixed experience.
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