Fitaide Uses 3D Motion Sensor on the iPhone/iPod Touch to Measure Exercise Intensity

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    Fitaide 1.0 was just released on the appstore - love to hear your reaction and feedback.

    iTunes link:

    Fitaide is the first app to use the 3D motion sensor (accelerometer) on your iPhone / iPod Touch to measure your exercise intensity (% VO2Max) and calorie expenditure as you move.

    The aim is to help users discover effective ways to stay active, burn calories and improve their fitness from doing things they naturally enjoy ... whether its stepping to Salsa, running a marathon or playing Frisbee at the beach.



    * Activity Intensity Measurement
    Plots your exercise intensity (% VO2Max) and calorie burn as you move so you can workout in the zone that’s optimal for your fitness goals

    * Versatile Application
    Use for any activity where you are on your feet - walking, running, aerobics, dancing, beach volleyball, tennis, squash, basketball, badminton, golf, gardening … the list is only restricted by your imagination!

    * Fitness Assessment
    Enter your heart rate at the end of a session and the app will estimate your VO2Max (maximum oxygen uptake), the gold standard for fitness assessment

    * Advanced Pedometer
    Fitaide accurately measures your steps, speed and distance … whether you walk, jog or run; indoors or outdoors. It accounts for the natural variation in your stride length, thereby achieving greater accuracy in distance measurement.

    * Excellent Value
    All of this at the fraction of the cost of a dedicated heart rate monitor or activity sensor typically worth atleast a hundred dollars!

    Download Fitaide today and start discovering fun and effective ways to stay active, burn calories and integrate fitness into your lifestyle.

    iTunes link:

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