Five iOS Apps Worth Checking Out - October 2018

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    On our MacRumors YouTube channel, we have an ongoing video series that's designed to highlight new, interesting, and useful iOS apps that we think are worth downloading and checking out.

    There are so many apps in the iOS App Store that it can be hard to find new apps and it's also easy to overlook great apps that are a bit older. Our app lists include both new and old apps that we recommend and have personally tested out.

    [*]Grimvalor ($5.99) - We like to include at least one game in our iOS app roundups, and this month's recommendation is Grimvalor, from the team that developed popular game Swordigo. GrimValor is a traditional hack n' slash platformer with solid virtual controls, great graphics, and plenty of content to get through. As with most games of this type, the idea is to fight monsters, explore dungeons, and gather loot to progress through the story. Grimvalor costs $5.99, and there are no additional in-app purchases.

    [*]Habitica (Free) - Habitica is an app that uses gamification to motivate you to adhere to desired habits and reach goals by letting you level up a character by accomplishing a series of user-defined tasks. It's basically a to-do list that comes with a custom avatar that levels up as you finish what you're working on. You can fight monsters, unlock armor, pets, and skills, and complete quests by meeting your goals. Habitica is free to download, but there are optional in-app subscriptions for unlocking features.

    [*]Sorted (Free) - Sorted is a task management app that's designed to let you schedule events, tasks, and notes into a timeline, with a built-in feature that creates a full daily schedule for you. Sorted has flexible controls for scheduling, with options for folders, lists, and tags for organization. Sorted is free to download, but unlocking all of its features costs $14.99.

    [*]Sip (Free) - Sip News, an app from Product Hunt, is designed to deliver news in an easily digestible format. You see one news headline at a time in the app, and you can tap on either side of the screen to scroll through the relevant details of the story. Sip sends you a notification whenever it has something that might be of interest, and there's also a repository of older news stories for you to look through.

    [*]Entale (Free) - Entale is a unique podcasts app that's designed to pull you further into audio stories by adding pictures, links, quotes, and more to a medium that's traditionally limited to the spoken word. It's a neat way to get additional reference information on the content discussed in your favorite podcasts.

    Have a favorite iOS app? Let us know down in the comments. We're always looking for new iOS app ideas for this video series, and we'll check out all of your recommendations. You can also check out our recommendations from previous months here, and don't miss our similar Mac app series featuring some great Mac apps.

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    Melbourne, Australia
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    In the middle of several books.
    "Hearfeed" is a very good newsreader. Nice layout with no subscription.

    For tasks, I will stick with "Things" and "Omnifocus 3."
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    Why can’t the App Store automatically open when we click and app link instead of asking permission to open?
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    One app good for joining pictures easily and quickly is "Photo Blender". You can join pictures vertically, horizontally, or as a grid.

    I recently renewed my 2 year contract. Because BlackBerry 10 doesn't exist anymore I chose the iPhone Xs. I don't like Google's lousy privacy business model or the way it mines user data for its own megalomania.

    I currently use the BlackBerry Passport and my new iPhone Xs. The Xs is quite good in many ways. However...

    BB10's on-screen virtual keyboard is better than iPhone. Apple has money, it should buy BB10's keyboard and put it in iOS.

    BB10's file manager setup is better than iPhone's current file manager. With my iPhone, when I plug it into my Mac, I should have the option of seeing it as a drive on the desktop; a drive I can access with Finder and do whatever I want with files.

    Also, when I view a picture in the Photos app or Camera app and swipe up on a picture, I should get the ability to change the picture's filename. The words in the file's name would be keywords when I use iPhone's Search.

    One feature I would like to see in iOS in maps is how much time I spend at a location. I would also like to see this information in the "Health" app.
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    What the hell Grimvalor is not 5.99 it’s 6.99 now ???

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    I really like the Stories - trending videos, it introduces Stories concept like instagram, snapchat but now in YouTube. I always use it to check out trending vids!!

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