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Apr 12, 2001

Apps designed for the Mac don't often receive as much attention as apps made for iPhones and iPads, so we have a series here at MacRumors designed to highlight useful and interesting Mac apps worth checking out.

This month's picks include apps for revamping your dock, discovering new music, making GIFs, annotating and managing screenshots, and more.

[*]Plug (Free) - Plug is a macOS player for The Hype Machine, a website that's designed to help you discover interesting new music. The Hype Machine curates content from up and coming artists highlighted by various websites on the internet, which can result in a nice mix of fresh music. You can choose to see what's popular, view remixes, see what friends are listening to, and more.
[*]Active Dock ($19.99) - Active Dock is a dock replacement app for the Mac that offers features you don't get with the standard dock. You can group documents and apps together for quicker switching between what's open, and you can hover over an app on the dock to see all of the open windows. You can get to options like system preferences and frequently accessed documents, plus there are tons of customization options to work with for changing the look of the dock, icons, and more. Active Dock costs $19.99, but there's a free trial.
[*]GIFSKI (Free) - GIFSKI is a fun little app that's designed to allow you to create custom GIFs from video clips. Just drag and drop a video file into the app, adjust the start and end points, and you have a GIF. The app supports multiple video formats, it has a clean interface, and it's simple to use.
[*]In Your Face ($1.99) - In Your Face is a notification app that takes over the entire screen, so if there's something that you really need to remember to do, this is the app to use. The app is located in the menu bar and it interrupts whatever you're doing when it's time for something like an important meeting. It's a good idea if you typically dismiss reminders and calendar events without paying attention, because it's impossible to miss the In Your Face popups.
[*]Xnip (Free) - Xnip is a screenshot and annotation app that adds a few capabilities not possible with Apple's built-in screenshotting tools. You can capture a full-page screenshot in an app like Safari where all of the content might not be visible, and you can capture multiple windows together. A color picker tool lets you pick a color of a pixel to make a capture, there's an option to measure objects on the screen, and there are other tools like pixelation for hiding details and numbered annotation options. Removing watermarks from screenshots requires a $4.99 per year subscription.

If you have a favorite must-have Mac app that we haven't highlighted yet, let us know in the comments, and we might feature it in a future video. For more of our Mac app picks, make sure to check out our Mac app archives.

Article Link: Five Mac Apps Worth Checking Out - September 2019
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Feb 9, 2008
I have never used the Dock on my Mac. Open programs and stuff through Quicksilver. To see what I have open F9/F10 (this why we need physical Function buttons).
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Nov 19, 2017
[*]Xnip (Free) - Xnip … there are other tools like blur …

Nope, no "blur" feature. The app offers pixellation, but not blur.

Here are the tools:



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Oct 13, 2007
I'm looking at activedock's website and those screenshots are giving me flashbacks to jankass stardock windows nonsense circa 2005


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May 17, 2008
Do a lanuchbars comparison video

I am glad to see MacOS apps still active, but today's standard everyone is on a smartphone or expect the app to be free.

I have never used the Dock on my Mac. Open programs and stuff through Quicksilver. To see what I have open F9/F10 (this why we need physical Function buttons).
I thought Quicksilver development has ceased?

Just what we need... a subscription app for annotating screen prints... just freaking stop the madness...

I think a nice middle ground is time limited apps, pay for 1 year use. Honestly for low prices of $3-$5 I doubt developers find it worth while to publish an app and sell it once especially with continuous development and upgrades.


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Jan 24, 2017
Montréal, Québec
Thanks, I downloaded two of these apps!

But I'm always confused by why the list of recommended apps in the article is not in the same order than presented in the video. It's not even in alphabetical order.


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Jul 3, 2011
I'd be interested in everyone's thoughts on if they use a clipboard (copy and paste history) app, and what they use.

I have Copy Clip which is free and it has limitations.

Was thinking about this:

I use Copy'em Paste. I do a lot of FCPx where I overlay text on videos, and this one will manage all of the FCPx titles, images, text, etc... I can bookmark and label snippets, and reuse them at will... it also uses iCloud to share the clipboard across all of my Macs on which I have installed Copy'em Past... truly a great app, IMO... massive time saver and allows for 100% consistency in my workflow.


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Aug 31, 2011
Just what we need... a subscription app for annotating screen prints... just freaking stop the madness...
Skitch is free.
[doublepost=1567699226][/doublepost]Anyone using Active Dock? Can’t we already put folders “groups” in the dock? I like the idea of screen thumbnails when hovering over things. But is it worth $50 for a lifetime? I won’t be tied to subscription apps.


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Sep 5, 2019
I'm a long-term user of Gifski, been using it since the very first version, works beautifully all the time. As for Xnip, I'm surprised it's in the list, but CleanShot ( is not. Great design and gets the job done.

Unrelated to Gifski's purpose, but the same developer recently published a new app called Dato - it's a replacement for a menu bar clock with cool features like built-in calendar and different timezones. You can check it out here Funnily enough, he even built an app to replace battery indicator too :D
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Sep 5, 2019
Re: Mac apps we use - I've been using MailSteward ( for years to archive all my e-mail from several accounts into a database that offers really powerful search options. Even the free trial versions are full-feature for thousands of messages (but I pay since I've got many tens of thousands of messages with attachments)


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Sep 16, 2015
Was interested in Active Dock until I see it's either $20 a year or $50 one time fee. I'm all for supporting developers but I will never subscribe to a subscription based computer program.
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