(Fix) iPhone broken after restore in iTunes 8 (jailbroken)

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    May 26, 2008
    So, after you restore your jailbroken phone (in order to take the jailbrake off) in iTunes 8, once restored to the old backup, it will be stuck on the boot loading screen. I scrounged around until I found a way to fix this.

    KEEP IN MIND THIS IS FOR MAC (I HAVE NOT TESTED IT ON A PC, though it may be adapted to a pc possibly)

    1) Restore your phone, but do not set it up as New or restore an old backup yet.
    2) Delete iTunes 8 from the applications folder.
    2a) Restart your computer.
    3) Download iTunes 7.7.1 from Apple and install.
    4) Now here is the tricky part. If you try to open iTunes now, it will give you an error. What you must do is go into your music folder. Then into your iTunes folder. (USER>>Music>>iTunes)
    5) There is a file called iTunes Library. Change the name to iTunes Library1 or something like that.
    6) Go into "Previous iTunes Libraries".
    7) Copy the one from today and paste it into the iTunes folder.
    8) Rename it to "iTunes Library".
    9) iTunes 7.7.1 should work.
    9a) Should an error pop up about syncing when you plug your iPhone in, follow the instructions on this page to fix that.

    So at first it wasn't working, then I did two things so one of them must have worked. I can tell you both. I uninstalled 7.7.1 and downgraded to 7.7. But the other thing that I did, which is much easier may have solved the problem on its on. Not sure which did it, maybe both, but it can't hurt to do both right?

    The link from step "9a" tells us to delete

    Now, Delete those AND these:

    You can download 7.7 from:
    Edit: Fixed!
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    Mar 29, 2004
    After I deleted DeviceLink framework and MobileDevice framework my iPhone stopped coming up in iTunes. I fixed this by using my system discs and repaired my hd.

    Now I'm trying to finish pwning.


    After it loaded the firmware it said it was "checking itunes server* to see if I had correct firmware...That spooked me at first.

    Success. Thank you.
  3. Switz213 thread starter macrumors 6502

    May 26, 2008
    No problem.
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    Nov 9, 2007
    ɹǝpun uʍop 'ǝuɐqsı&#
    edit: since I'm on 2.1, I have to use itunes 8. but since some wierd and wonderful restores it does not show up anymore (even downgrading to 7.7). it doesnt detect it in itunes 8 either...


    p.s. i can use my phone function -- but without syncing i dont have music/contacts etc... help...

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