Fixed my reception issues- grip of death

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by patdesignsinc, Jul 4, 2010.

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    I did a quick search and couldnt find an exact story so if somebody else has posted something similar, sorry.

    So here's the story...

    I bought a 32gb iP4 and had the same reception issues that has plagued a lot of the new phones. When I bought it, I knew I needed another line on my family plan and just thought I would use the new line for the iPhone and give my old line to the family member. However, I have learned that since my old number was used for business, I needed to keep my old line and give the new line to the family member. Well, I took my old SIM card and did a homemade cut down to make it fit the micro SIM tray. When I cut it, I accidentally cut the bottom part about a millimeter or more too low so I thought I jacked it up, thinking the SIM wouldn't register. Well, as luck has it, it worked and I no longer have the reception issues. Nice.
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    There are a couple threads on this. People have been trimming their SIM cards and applying tape so that the contacts of the SIM do not touch the metal SIM tray. It has had mixed results, though. Glad it worked for you, but don't be surprised if the problem comes back as others have stated.
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    Yeah, I'm sure my luck will change. Thanks for the reply.

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