Fixing a botched contact load from IP4S to S4

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by jimbo1mcm, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I recently purchased a Galaxy S4 for my wife. I had Verizon move her contacts from her Iphone4S to the S4. She ended up with over 2700 contacts and with many of them, you couldn't edit them. It looked like they were read only. There were a lot of "unknowns" It appears that additional contacts were automatically synced from her Gmail accounts. The first thing I did was to go into Settings and Accounts, found her Gmail account and de-selected the auto sync option.

    I took some extra precautions with her contacts because she told me that if I lost them, (she sells real estate), I would be sleeping with the fishes!! I did two things. I first exported the contacts to a 32 GB MicroSd card I had in her S4. I then made another backup of her contacts from her original Ip4S, into Itunes.

    I then downloaded and installed an app called, Delete Contacts, from the Play Store. It deleted ALL the contacts very quickly.

    I downloaded Samsung Smart Switch for my MacBook Pro and opened it up. When I attached her S4 via USB, the program found the device and the backup and listed everything available to transfer. I de-selected everything except her contacts and started the program. It worked so quickly( like under 5-6 seconds) that I thought it hadn't worked, but when I checked her S4, all her contacts were in there, and they were functioning, ie able to be edited from the Menu button. The Smart Switch directed me to Kies after I was finished, but I didn't use it at all.

    Thanks to other forum members who pointed me in the correct direction. Good to have forums that exchange information.
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    Never have people at the store do anything...not to say they are incompetent...

    What you should have done was sync the iPhone to her Google account and they would have automatically been synced to her new S4 when she logged in.

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