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    Mar 14, 2015

    A couple of days ago my Iphone 5 decided to go all weird on me. It started shutting down randomly even when it was charged to a 100%. It wouldn't stay on longer than 5 minutes and it would randomly shut off. So I decided to reboot it holding the volume up button to see if it was jailbreak related, but it kept on happening, so I guess it didn't. So then I decided it would probably be best to restore it through iTunes. I tried doing this but I would always get the "unknown error 3194". After looking this up I found out I had to go and modify the iTunes Host file. That's what I did, but it didn't help. Then I came across another solution which was using TinyUmbrella, run the TSS server and then retrying the restore through iTunes. When doing this however at some point it got stuck on "wrote handshake", so that doesn't work either. I also used fake cables I got cheap from the internet to charge it up, I was thinking maybe these cables messed up my battery or something? I just want a clean install of ios 8.1, which I was running before, but how do I do this? Usually I proceed to fix all my iPhone related problems, but boy this time I'm really desperate. Hope someone can help.

    Thanks and greetings!
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    Mar 14, 2015
    Ok, so I'm passed this problem now. I've managed to install the latest ios 8.2. However my iPhone still keeps on rebooting randomly. I suspect it to be something with the hardware because of the usage of these fake cables maybe they screwed up my battery? Is there a way to check if your hardware is ok? And how do I know whether it's my battery or my lcd screen?

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