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Aug 15, 2009
Connecticut, USA
Anyone who's trying out FlipControlCenter from Ryan Petrich's beta repository ( has probably noticed that for some reason the transparency settings are messed up, resulting in very light top shelf icons and jet-black bottom shelf icons. Fortunately, there is an easy fix by editing just two .plist files. I will give instructions for doing it in iFile, though you could do the same in any .plist editor.

1. In iFile, open /Library/Application Support/FlipControlCenter/BottomShelf.bundle/info.plist in Property List Viewer.

2. Tap "layer" then "1:" then "opacity"; set the value for "opacity" to 0.6

3. Use the links at top left to navigate back to info.plist.

4. Tap "layer-on" then "1:" then "opacity"; set the value for "opacity" to 0.8

5. Tap "Done" at top right to close info.plist.

6. Open /Library/Application Support/FlipControlCenter/TopShelf.bundle/info.plist in Property List Viewer.

7. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for this file.

8. When finished, reboot your device (respringing is not sufficient to apply these changes).

[Note: the values given above will restore the native transparency levels of 40% for "off" toggles and 20% for "on" toggles. You can of course change this to suit your tastes. Note that these are opacity settings, not transparency settings; if you want icons 70% transparent, you will need to change the value to 0.3]
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