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    As I understand it, Match scans the audio file and gets the fingerprint to match it to iTunes database. Most of my songs wound up fine, but for some reason I'm winding up with entire artists or albums that are indeed in the iTunes Store but aren't matched. All of my albums by Enya, Garth Brooks, the three Lord of the Rings soundtracks, a Jimi Hendrix album, and the list goes on.

    Would I help if I re-ripped these albums? Is there something better in the newer iTunes from when I ripped them years ago that might help it to match better?
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    I have similar issues and I have not done anything to fix them only because I ripped them at 256kbps AAC anyway so I am not gaining anything by having them matched.

    That said, people have had success getting unmatched songs to match (first verify they are in the iTunes library.) Second, re-ripping your album probably will not do anything except waste time from what I have been reading about getting unmatched to matched. So what I would try is lets say the song you want is Don't Do It by The Band from The Last Waltz soundtrack, find that song in the iTunes library and lets say its 2:55 and your copy is 2:58 seconds, using Audacity or any kind of audio editor strip out the last 3 seconds of your song save it. Delete it from iTunes and iCloud, then take that song out of the trash drag it back into iTunes and it will re-scan and hopefully match.

    This has not been 100% success rate but it might help you out, good luck and let me know. Thanks!

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