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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by noodile, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. noodile macrumors regular

    Aug 4, 2012
    I have a mid-2009 MBP 13" 2.53 ghz. and i just ordered a new 15" MBP. when the new one arrives, i was wondering what would be the cost to fix my old one.

    Here's what's wrong with it:

    -Battery Bloated. Had a bad cell, randomly turns off below 40%. (need replaced)

    -Track Pad Broken. When the battery bloated, it pushed the trackpad up, so it doesn't click anymore. (i'm guessing this needs replaced too).

    - Optical Drive Broken. i removed it a few months ago. I dont really care to have one, but if they're cheap, i'd like to fix it. (Would a 2012 15" MBP optical drive replace the 13" or do they have different connectors?)

    -Last but not least, if i upgrade the ram on a 2012 MBP, would the stock 2012 8gb work on my 09. My 09 says it has 2 slots that accept a 1067 mhz. and apple says the max ram it accepts is 8. but i think the 2012 has 1600mhz ram.

    So can any of you link me or at least tell me the prices of all of those things. I only want good stuff, if i;m gonna fix it, i wanna do it right.
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    Aug 3, 2006
    I'd check out iFixit for all these parts. You may have to go directly to Apple for the battery."_Unibody_Mid_2009

    As for the optical drive, it may work. They should have the same connectors, but they might be in slightly different locations. Normally this stuff is standardized, but you'll just have to see when you get the new computer.

    I recently upgraded my mid-2009 13" MBP to 8GB of 1333MHz memory and it works fine. Try putting the 1600MHz stuff in there and see, it may work just fine.
  3. Alameda macrumors 6502a


    Jun 22, 2012
    Repairing the battery and trackpad aren't difficult if you follow the Ifixit guides, as long as you buy the proper screwdrivers. Don't cut corners by using the wrong tools, or else you'll strip a miniscule screw and you'll hate yourself.
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    May 6, 2012
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    Look on eBay for a new (or slightly used) ORIGINAL apple battery (you can usually tell the difference between the fakes, know your batteries). I got a NEW battery for $40 that apple charges $120 for.
    *Edit: If you are more comfortable with an apple OEM battery, I think they cost about $100-120 new. It will void your warranty if you replace it yourself, but it looks like your outta luck anyways with a 2009. But I have seen many batteries on ebay in nice condition, as surplus or just not used much.

    As for the trackpad, that shouldnt be an issue if the battery is replaced. As long as it functions correctly and is not burnt/has cords severed, itll be fine.

    A note on replacing the battery- be careful when you do it. If the battery has a blown cell, its a LOT more prone to combusting. Dont stab at it or it WILL go up in your face.

    I don't know about your optical drive model, but you can get a used, working drive on ebay for just about any model at about $40. Just search your model # and year... I'm not sure about similarity between models in the connector.. Check ifixit or somewhere..
    *Ifixit sells drives for most models at 70-80$

    1600 Mhz RAM *should* downclock to the right speed... so it shouldnt be an issue... but it might give you a few problems, it really is more of a "try it and see" thing, but I'd say it should be fine (or at least worth a shot)
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    Jun 22, 2012
    That's a good point about the trackpad - replacing the battery may restore the trackpad to proper operation.

    I done this trackpad replacement about two weeks ago. Replacing the trackpad requires removing the battery. It's really very easy to do, as long as you get the correct tools and follow ifixit's step-by-step guide. Basically, you just remove a bunch of screws on the bottom, and the whole bottom then comes off. You then remove several more screws (with a different screwdriver) which hold the battery in place. Then there's a small connector to remove; it's pretty simple. The trackpad is beneath the battery. It's a little more difficult, because of its incredibly tiny screws and it's need for alignment. After you replace it, and before you put the battery in, turn the Mac over and look at the trackpad. Be sure no light shines through from underneath.

    Reassembly is just as simple. Some screws are longer than others, so you'll want to be sure you kept them straight. And, when replacing the bottom cover, just partially tighten each screw, then gradually tighten them in series, so that the cover fits perfectly.
  6. noodile thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 4, 2012

    Last time i followed ifixit, everything went perfectly (changing docks on iphone 4 and removing optical drive). the only think i'm missing is a Y1 screw driver for the battery

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