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Apr 12, 2001

FixYa, a site that provides consumer generated troubleshooting tips, today released a "Smartphone Reliability Report" that compares user complaints on smartphones from Apple (iPhone), Samsung (Galaxy), Nokia (Lumia), and Motorola (Droid).

Based on the reported problems, which come from a database of 30 million users, FixYa assigned a dependability score to each manufacturer. According to FixYa's rankings, Apple products were the most reliable, with the fewest reported problems.
Apple received a dependability score of 3.47, a good deal higher than the 1.21 that Samsung received. Nokia and Motorola received scores of 0.68 and 0.13, respectively. To get these scores, the site used 722,558 troubleshooting questions from smartphone owners, normalized the data for relative marketshare, and analyzed the data to determine reliability.
Fixya users lauded the reliability of the iPhone, stating that it is almost always working as intended in regards to core features and never hits a constant roadblock with one feature.
Of the complaints that were made about Apple's iPhones, battery life was the number one problem, making up 35 percent of user issues. A lack of new features was the second biggest complaint, while no customizability and WiFi problems were also brought up.

In the past, battery life has been a significant issue for iPhone owners. Most notably, iOS 5 had bugs that affected battery performance, which Apple later fixed. The iPhone 5 has also had battery issues, particularly when using the phone in areas with a weak signal.

As for Apple's competitors, FixYa users had complaints about Samsung's microphone and speaker issues, Motorola's touchscreen, and Nokia's load response times.

Article Link: FixYa Study Finds Apple Smartphones to be the Most Reliable


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Jun 25, 2008
And hopefully with no more Forstall we'll see an improvement soon in complaints #2 and #3.


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Mar 5, 2010
WIFI... wherefore art thou?

wifi wifi

wherefore art thou WIFI?
iphone Denies thy router and refuses its name;
AND if thou wilt not work again, be but sworn by me
And i will throw it against a train...

ok thats a poor Shakespeare - but seriously each update on my 5 does not fix the crappy wifi connections - I even had to downgrade one access point to WEP just so i can get a better signal 2 rooms away on the same floor.


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Jul 12, 2011
Can't connect wifi? With an apple device? Broadcom hardware is hands down the most reliable stuff I've ever used. My mac and iPhone outperform all my other devices for ease of connection and even range. All these monsters with big visible antennas and my MacBook Pro gets a better range than almost all of them.

If you need need connecting wifi, I think you need help with a lot of things.


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Apr 30, 2008
Fixya users lauded the reliability of the iPhone, stating that it is almost always working as intended in regards to core features and never hits a constant roadblock with one feature.

Probably because Apple follows the KISS method instead of appeasing the innovate crowd.

Keep it simple, make it work.


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Sep 1, 2010
Ya hearing this APPLE ?? add 3mm and a few grams to the thickness and weight of the next phone and double the damn battery life.

break that anorexic cycle

---------- just works!!!:)

Until the battery runs flat around midday, then it just sits there


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Jul 17, 2009
Der Wald
You'll never see this story on Yahoo. Right now all the Apple news stories are just "hit pieces" to drive down stock price until the big boys "put targets" are realized. Never mind the facts....Apple is bad, doomed, SJ was the whole company, etc.


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Sep 29, 2011
The higher dependability score for Apple should not be surprising to anyone who has ever handled a samsung phone.


Oct 21, 2008
Time, because it rules EVERYTHING!
Let's see, an alarm that stopped working because of an iOS bug and then a do not disturb mode feature that stopped working because of an iOS bug and Apple simply said don't worry, it'll work again after a week!
And then we have bluetooth reliability problems and other iOS bugs like the security hack flaw.
Actually to be fair, the hardware is normally ok so long as the glass doesn't break, but Apple has managed to successfully implore bugs and flaws in a lot of it's iOS releases since it was first launched.

Yeah, it's reliable. :rolleyes: but this report seems to be guess work or results generated form a very small sample base.
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