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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by dazzer21-2, May 19, 2017.

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    I have some 1080p screens created in Adobe Animate CC that I need to convert into MP4 files. From Animate, I can export out to a .MOV file (each coming in at around 2GB in size!) but converting down to MP4 is causing me issues, as in I don't know how best to go about it. Of the software solutions I have found so far, in the main it is causing the on-screen quality to dip and become pixellated. What should I be using to do this?
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    Assuming those big .MOV files look fine when you play them back, use (the free & fantastic) Handbrake to make h.264 MP4s.

    If that doesn't work, consider using something like Snaggit and basically video screen grab them playing native (via Adobe Animate or similar), then crunch that result(ing file size) down using Handbrake. The stock Quicktime has a screen recording feature too if you don't have something like Snaggit.
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    Handbrake (free) should be your first "go-to" for situations like these. Default settings work very well, and you can customize any setting. You may need vlc (also free), as Handbrake depends on this for some jobs.
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    Use Quicktime to quickly export it to 1080p (File->Export->1080). You won't notice any difference in quality, unless your .MOV have so much fine details and lots of movement that make any compression to lose quality. For more information check this
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    Sorted now. From Animate, I "Export Video" to a .mov file and then convert to MP4 using Movavi Video Converter. So easy, in the end - works a treat. Had to drop £30 for it, but that was more than worth it.

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