Flakiest Apple Launch Ever

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Pagemakers, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Mar 28, 2008
    Manchester UK
    I have been an Apple fan for years and will continue to be so, but this has to be the flakiest Apple launch ever.

    I was unable to watch the live steam until 24 hours after the event.

    Ordering my iPhone 6 was a disaster despite having a laptop, iPhone and iPad to simultaneously order it on.

    The iOS 8 download was fraught with problems and when finally downloaded and installed on a 5S and Air it is full of major bugs and omissions.

    Why does Apple insist at launching everything based on US time and not the local time for each country. That would at least give their servers a fighting chance of working.

    Credit where credit is due. Sadly, it's not in this case.

    PS: managed to post this on my 3rd attempt due to the iPad Air freezing while composing this post!
  2. bushido Suspended


    Mar 26, 2008
    I agree and could go on with the mess that is

    iCloud Photos
    iCloud Drive
    Family Sharing
    Photo App

    everything is either delayed, enabled for some but not others or simply does not make any sense at all

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