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    I've just managed to liberate a PC Geforce FX5200 128MB and would like to put it in my G4 to replace the GeForce 2mx. I know I need to flash it but I need to do this on the Mac itself as my PC doesn't have an AGP slot. Any advice here, what ROM do I need and how do I go about it?
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    Here you can find roms:


    You will need to know the width of the memory bus, 64 or 128 -bit and of course you will need to use ROM which is designed for the amount memory the card has. Look what it says on the back of the card, there might be model code which you can use to Google memory bus width. If you are unable to do this, I would suggest that you find a PC with AGP slot, there is plenty of software available for Windows which display the bus width, there is also much more tools and instructions for the flashing prodecure itself. I hava flashed FX 5200 once but by using a PC.

    EDIT: Pay attention to what kind memory type the bios you find from macelite is designed for, TSOP or BGA. Here is what TSOP memory chip looks like:


    and BGA memory:


    EDIT: And still forgot something, do not attempt to use Ultra rom on vanilla FX 5200, the bios for it contains higher frequencies so you might end up rendering the card unstable, it can of course be re-flashed but pay attention what are the original clock rates as the card might not handle higher frequencies.
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    Nope. With available tools you can't flash Nvidia cards on PowerPC Macs.
    Find a friend with AGP PC box.

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