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    you wish
    Does anyone know if there´s an application for OSX that can tell me exactly how much a Flash animation (or any other process) would tax a certain CPU?

    My dilemma is that a newspaper that I regularly supply ad material to has decided to cut down on Flash ads, pushing GIFs instead. I will, however, be allowed to use Flash if the CPU usage is on level with a simple animated gif.

    I have used Activity Monitor to compare a Flash file and a GIF file in Safari, and have pushed the Flash file down to the same Safari CPU usage as the GIF. Still, I would like to be able to present real numbers, perhaps even saying it would tax x% of a G3, Pentium 4 or other older processor the viewer may be using.

    Suggestions appreciated!
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    this article is maybe helpful:
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    I am replying to an old post here but I figured it could help other people as well.

    We have developed a web app for validating Flash ads that among other things report CPU usage.

    The app runs the creatives you submit on virtual machines (1.5 GHz, 792 Mb ram, Windows XP SP3, Internet Explorer 7, Flash 10) and will give you a report on average, peak and a graph of the CPU usage on a computer with those specs.

    It also reports on dimensions, file size, flash version, frame rate, dimensions, clickTAG's , external resources used and much more.

    Check it out at http://advalidation.com The stuff most relevant to you are probably the detailed view. You can see an example of it at the bottom of this page

    We also wrote a post called 15 ways of reducing CPU usage in Flash that might be helpful.

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