Flash NVIDIA Card within a MacPro - boot DOS on MacPro

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by sys0p, Apr 20, 2008.

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    I bought a NVIDIA 8800GTS, since I saw it was possible to flash the card (thread in these forums). So I got the same card and was all excited ! :) Unfortuantely I do not own a PC but I hoped I could flash the card within my MacPro (early 2008).

    Too bad that the flash utility nvflash.exe has to be run in a DOS environment. After fighting for a while I want to post my findings and maybe somebody know the solution.

    Standard Dos BootCD will work on the mac but the USB keyboard won't be recognized :/ After trying the Hiren's Boot cd - I could use the keyboard, but there was no way the Loader could mount a RAM disk - I guess the MacPro handles ram differently than the standard PC. All I wanted to do is to access the NTFS filesystem so I could save my original NVidia ROM. No success :( I tried the HP USB Flash utility which creates a bootable USB flash drive with DOS on it but the MacPro doesn't recognise the drive as a bootable disk :/ Tried the same with an iPod but no success neither.

    So all I want is to boot into Dos with my MacPro - have a "writeable" drive so I can save my rom with the nvflash.exe and flash the card with the new and EFI64 rom version (which can be also found within another thread).

    Any1 an idea ? I think I am at the end of my knowledge... A .dmg that can be used to restore a Bootable DOS FAT32 partition that can be modified via OS X would be the bomb.

    Any help or suggestions appreciated (and yes I might just try to find a PC, but ...)

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    The 8800 GT EFI64 ROM thread has a tutorial on how to do it. I'd just tell you how, but I forget all of the steps, and that's a little crucial to getting it done.

    Make sure you click the EFI64 ROM thread and not the newer EFI32 one.
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