flash player, safari and mac word errors.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Tyndalltkd, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Hey guys,
    im fairly new to mac and still learning, but it seems everytime i update software from apple a brand new problem appears.

    whenever i am in safari pretty much everytime i open a page i get a "safari (flash player) plugin had to wuit unexpectedly" error,
    and then i have got alot of the "safari encountered an error and needs to close".
    I have tried running safari in 32 bit mode, repaired permissions, uninstalled flash and safari, updated all software that i can, and it is still happening.

    i am also getting constant errors of the same nature from Mac word and cannot use the program.

    my mac us only 4 months old, so im not entirely sure how to proceed.

    should i just make a new used account? because ive heard some mac word programs dont work in Admin accounts??

    Also, on hardware issues, i got a kernel panic and booted from startup disc/ OSX disc to see if i could run the diagnostic test (or whatever it is, im not entirely sure of its specific name), and the program freezes, and i cannot run it at all. the only way i can exit that is to do a force restart.
    does this mean there is a major hardware issue?
    it is still under warranty, but my hard-drive has already been replaced because it was 'fried' after three days of use.

    i just want a smooth running computer, and i thought thats what a mac was.

    thanks guys.
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    Well, the reason to make a new account would be to see if the issues appear there too, indicating that it's a system-wide problem, or if it's just faulty settings/corrupt files. I'd recommend doing it for the sake of diagnostics, but once you've confirmed either way, you should go back and try to fix the admin account - there's no reason it shouldn't be working like normal...

    It's sort of weird that it's two pretty separate programs, but have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling them? If so do the problems persist?

    Re the kernel panic, I have no idea...

    Since your mac is so new, bear in mind that you're still under warranty, so you could just set up an appointment at your local apple store, and they should help you out.

    Sorry that you're having issues, perhaps you got a lemon? Either way, hope you get it figured. :)

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