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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by BlckMlr, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Apr 1, 2009
    Hello everyone this is my first time posting a thread but I've been coming to this site every now and then. Any ways let me get to my point, the last episode of Mac Cast, I heard Adam talk about the iPod Touch/iPhone having the ability to have a "Flash Plugin". Now he said that Adobe may bring flash to our two little entertaining friends now remember that's a maybe not defiantly sure but anyways, I have a theory about flash already on the two media players or some sort of flash player. If you can play videos from YouTube, Break, and Veoh now i know Break plays through QuikTime but what about YouTube and Veoh, Veoh we know has it's own video player as does YouTube and Break the only video players that don't work would maybe be Mega Video and perhaps any other that gives you the big blue LEGO like block with a question mark asking for Adobe Flash player the only other flash content that leaves out are the games driven by flash player also something about Java Script I realize that maybe the other players are playable through Java but you can't play Java Script games you go to the setting in your iPod/iPhone and go down to safari you'll see an option to turn Java Script On/Off but if it has Java wouldn't it be nice to play games from Java? if anybody has any positive remarks or other theories please feel free to post :cool:
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    Wrong. The videos you view through the YouTube videos app is not in flash format. YouTube encoded (and still is I believe) their videos to be MP4 format just for the iPhone/iPod touch. And a small tip, it's "plugins" not "pugins".

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