Flash The 5870, what will it take?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MacVidCards, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Shuffling through various take out containers, I realized that the most pungent stack was resting up a chunk of plastic.

    To my surprise, the chunk was my forgotten 5870.

    When I bought it last fall, I fervently believed that I would be hurling through Halo 1 at death tempting speeds by now.

    Instead, it fights off dust bunnies.

    I thought that maybe we should get a glimpse into our 5870 flashing future.

    Scraping off the Kung Pao Crusties, I tossed the nearly antiquated card into my Mac Pro to see what I could see.

    Still some oddball mystery card in 10.6.3. ATI card, device id of 6898.

    So I decided to PRACTICE writing a ROM for it. I KNOW that I won't shortly be busting out into a heavy breathing Doom 3 session via the 5870. I just wanted a glimpse at the hurdles that we will (hopefully) soon be leaping past.

    So I took the EFI part of Mac 4870 ROM and had a look at it. My brother once heard a crack addict say that the 5870 and 4870 are kissing cousins. I decided that lacking a 5870 EFI, I would use the 4870 one. I would just update the device id, give it the fixrom.py kiss of accuracy and flash my way to heaven.

    First shock was that there wasn't room between 5870 BIOS and Lookup table for GDDR5. (him...like 4870.....)

    So I had to scoouch the MCUC table down to give the 49152 for Mac 4870 EFI. Once I did that, I ran out of space about 4K before ROM was done.

    SO..............................IF the EFI 5870 portion is as big as 4870 EFI....and IF most 5870 ROMs are as big as XFX one..........we have a problem...AGAIN.

    The 128K EEPROM on my 5870 wasn't going to hold the IMAGINARY Mac ROM. So I tossed a 256K chip on it and tried again. And this is where the SURPRISE came in. In years of flashing cards, I haven't seen this one before. I thought perhaps my ROM was horribly mishapen. I updated to Atiflash 3.79. I even tried flashing it with the only other LARGER than 128K ROM I knew, the MacGTX285 ROM. Same result.

    So, who knows DOS or ATIFLASH or whatever this is well enough to tell us what it means?

    Again, I emphasize, THERE IS NOT A MAC 5870 YET !!! I am being silly and trying to anticipate and solve the early flash problems BEFORE WE GET THE ROM OR DRIVERS !!!

    Sadly, our respite from "file too big for EEPROM" seems to have ended. Meanwhile, I would like to see ATIFLASH put a larger than 128K file on my EEPROM. What is wrong?

    I am attaching the original XFX file along with my bastardized "mac" one. Anybody?

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    Just a thought, and perhaps not a good one. I noticed that the original is exactly 128k, try padding the mod'ed one upto 256k with FF's.

    Edit: got to thinking a bit more about this. What are the devices... the one you took off and the one you put on... that you are using?

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