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Sep 27, 2021

I have recently purchased a cheap HP GT630 (Kepler) video card, it works great on my cMP 2010, but no EFI boot screen.
I know that MacVideCards can flash these but I'm in Europe, and the cost for shipping to US it's way too expensive

So I want to ask you where I can find the EFI boot .rom file, for this video card so I can flash it myself. I've searched for two weeks, but still can't find anything

Thanks a lot


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Oct 22, 2018
ROM for this type of card isn't public yet.
MVC has a distribution in EU, so a flash-job won't be a problem and it isn't done by unreliable MVC himself, no shipping to USA necessary.
I won't publish any ROM, sooner or later it will be sold on eBay and i won't support f*cking f*ckers.

Easiest way would be OpenCore, works w/ normal pc-videocards and GOP.
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