"Flat": I think many people are misunderstanding the meaning

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by xcodeaddict, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. xcodeaddict, Jun 4, 2013
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    Mar 2, 2013
    I don't want to sound like a know it all, and I hope I don't, but based upon many threads here (a silly amount), I think that maybe many people are totally misunderstanding the context of the word "flat", with regards to iOS 7. I mean, just look at Mountain Lion VS older versions of OS X, and you'll see "flat" meaning something different from "totally flat, equal colours with no gradients, boundary cues or discernible demarcation":

    Think of a shiny ball, then a matte pancake...

    Sorry for the appalling edit - GIMP being used >_<

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    Apr 23, 2012
    I like your analogy but I think many are coming to a conclusion that it will most likely be "semi-flat"... perhaps some transparency as well. This is based off of all the recent info and rumors that are emerging such as the WWDC banner, WWDC official app icon, and the app itself. I made a good summary of a lot of this here. I think you have the right idea though, and I know one thing's for sure - we're all extremely excited for WWDC!! Wooooo :D
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    Ah, thank you my friend :)

    Yes, too right we are! Woohoo! (and I don't even got an iPhone... yet. Sold my 3GS recently, didn't want to but I couldn't let my Aunty down).

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